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Akbari Asghari

اکبری اصغری

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Akbari Asghari
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This drama depicts the lives of two sisters. One with a mask upon her face pretending to be nice, while the other is seen as too brash and carefree. Find out what happens when one of them is betrothed while the other one is set up. Akbari is Hatim's favorite child. She is caring and compassionate, sensible and intelligent. The veritable angel. Asghari is wild and uncontrollable, her habits are suspect and her demeanor is aloof. The family devil. One day Hatim gets a call from Pakistan from his father. He reminds Hatim about the long ago agreement that when Asghari grows up she will get married to Akbar, Hatim's brother Luqmaan's son. Asghari vehemently denies getting an arranged marriage to someone she has never even met..

Original title
اکبری اصغری
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Broadcast Network
Hum TV
Broadcast Period
2011-05-28 to 2011-11-10
Pakistan Romance Comedy Drama

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2 Available Subtitles
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