Undersea Super Train : Marine Express

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Undersea Super Train : Marine Express


The concept of the program is "love saves the Earth," the main theme of this film is environmental destruction. In 2002, a trans-Pacific submarine train, the Marine Express, leaves California for Japan. The doctor who developed this state-of-the-art train, however, plans to explode it because he is worried about the environmental destruction under the sea. The doctor's personality caricaturizes a weakness in nature conservation groups, and imbues this film with profundity.

Broadcast Network
Nippon Television Network
Broadcast Period
1979-08-26 to 1979-08-26
Japan SciFi & Fantasy Action & Adventure Anime


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Undersea Super Train : Marine Express Episode 1: Marine Express
Episode 1: Marine Express
EN 100% Japan


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Undersea Super Train : Marine Express

Undersea Super Train : Marine Express

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