The 2010 remake of the 2005 blockbuster The Myth transports the time-traveling escapade to the small screen for a 50-episode historical drama. The heartthrob for costume fantasy dramas, Hu Ge takes on the Jackie Chan role of the accidental warrior who gets whisked back to ancient China! Ren Quan (The Dragon Heroes) plays the brother trying to solve the time puzzle in the modern day, while Michelle Bai Bing (Hong Lou Meng) plays Hu’s romantic interest. Also co-starring Taiwan actor Chang Chih (Justice for Love) and Zhang Meng, The Myth fuses action, suspense, fantasy, and history for a mighty adventure that transcends time. Free-spirited photographer Xiaochuan (Hu Ge) comes across a 2000-year-old artifact that transports him and Gao Yao back to the Qin Dynasty. All kinds of mayhem ensues when modern man arrives in ancient China, especially when Xiaochuan crosses paths with Han king Liu Bang (Li Yixiang) and Princess Yu Shu (Bai Bing), and ends up a general!

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The Myth
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23 Available Subtitles
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