Beauty Teacher's Raising Idols

미녀쌤's 아이돌 키우기

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Beauty Teacher's Raising Idols


Three of South Korea’s popular young singing idols try to better themselves in language, the culinary arts and physical fitness – but the twist is that they have to be taught by beautiful female instructors. Cheondung, (also known as Thunder) of the vocal group MBLAQ wants to improve his physical fitness and build a more defined body. His challenge is to do that through yoga. Key (also known as Almighty Key), of the K-pop group Shinee, wants to learn to cook. Shin Dong Ho, of the boy-band group UKISS, wants to learn to speak better English to keep up with his fluent band mates. Will they achieve their goals or will the distractions be too much for them to handle? Find out in this 2010 Korean reality series, which also is known as “Beauty Teacher’s Raising Idols.”

Original title
미녀쌤's 아이돌 키우기
Romanized title
mi nyeo ssam ui a I dor ki u gi
Also known as
Raising Idols, The Beauty's Taming the Idol Stars, The Beauty's Taming the Idols
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2010-03-27 to 2010-05-15
Korea Entertainment Lifestyle & Variety


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Beauty Teacher's Raising Idols Episode 1
Episode 1
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Beauty Teacher's Raising Idols Episode 2
Episode 2
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Beauty Teacher's Raising Idols Episode 3
Episode 3
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Beauty Teacher's Raising Idols Episode 4
Episode 4
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Beauty Teacher's Raising Idols Episode 5
Episode 5
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Beauty Teacher's Raising Idols Episode 6
Episode 6
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Dong Ho
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Cheon Doong
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