Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

닥치고 꽃미남 밴드

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Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
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Although they share a passion for their music, rival bands Eye Candy and Strawberry Fields also share animosity toward one another after a fight between the bands results in the death of one of the members. Now, the Eye Candy members have transferred to a prestigious high school where the members of Strawberry Fields are already attending. Can the two bands find neutral territory in their shared love of music or will they clash yet again? “Shut Up Flower Boy Band,” also known as “Shut Up & Let’s Go,” is a 2012 South Korean comedy series directed by Lee Kwon. It is the second series produced by cable channel tvN’s “Oh! Boy” series, after “Flower Boy Ramen Shop.” The series is known for starring “flower boys,” a phrase used to describe young, good-looking leading men.

Original title
닥치고 꽃미남 밴드
Romanized title
dak chi go kkoc mi nam baen deu
Also known as
Shut Up & Let’s Go
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2012-01-30 to 2012-03-20
Korea Idol Drama Music Romance Korean Drama Drama


Main Actor
Sung Joon
Main Actor
Lee Min Ki
Main Actor
Lee Hyun Jae
Main Actor

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SUFBB OST 2 - "Jaywalking" by Sung Joon: Shut Up! Flower Boy Band Fan Video