Zeng Ai Xing (Chen Yi Rong) and Meng Jing Jing (Amber Kuo) are the unlikeliest of friends. The former is a street-smart woman who is always barely escaping creditors and trying to make enough money to save her family from poverty. The latter is a rich, stubborn woman who runs away from her family to live life on her own terms. After clashing early in their relationship, the women grow to become best friends who will do anything for each other and support each other in their misadventures to find true love. Ai Xing pursues her boss, Ren Wei (Leroy Young), while Jing Jing falls in love with a philanthropic attorney, Du Tian Ze (Tony Yang). A car accident that separates Jing Jing and Tian Ze complicates all of their lives and relationships. Will Jing Jing and Ai Xing still have each other’ s backs when true love is at stake? “Love Forward” is a 2012 Taiwanese romantic comedy series that originally aired on SETTV.
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Romanized title
Xiang Qian Zou Xiang Ai Zou
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Broadcast Period
2012-02-25 to 2012-07-21
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