Master of Study

공부의 신

PT 100% Coreia, Drama Coreano

Master of Study


Can a group of rebellious high school students get into prestigious colleges? Kang Suk Ho (Kim Su Ro) grew up as a bike gang member but went on to become a lawyer. He is asked to liquidate and close down the failing Byung Moon High School. When he sees the rebellious students there, they remind him of his own troubled youth and the feeling of hopelessness that he remembers all too well. He decides to create a special class for five bad students – Hwang Baek Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho), Gil Pul Ip (Go Ah Sung), Hong Chan Doo (Lee Hyun Woo), Na Hyun Jung (Park Ji Yeon) and Oh Bong Goo (Lee Chan Ho) – to help them improve their test scores and get accepted to the elite Cheonha University. Principal Jang Ma Ri (Oh Yoon Ah) is skeptical but is forced to agree to the special class. English teacher Han Soo Jung (Bae Doo Na) gets roped into helping with the class and soon she becomes just as passionate about Suk Ho’s goal. Can Suk Ho succeed with his crazy plan? “Master of Study” is a 2010 South Korean drama series directed by Yoo Hyun Ki. It is based on a manga “Dragon Zakura” by Mita Norifusa.

Título original
공부의 신
Título romanizado
Gongbu-eui Sin
Também conhecido como
God of Study, Lord of Study
Equipe de voluntários
Master of Study Equipe de voluntários
Rede de transmissão
Período de transmissão
04/01/2010 - 23/02/2010
Coreia Drama Coreano Comédia Drama


Master of Study Episódio 1
Episódio 1
PT 100% Coreia
Master of Study Episódio 2
Episódio 2
PT 98% Coreia
Master of Study Episódio 3
Episódio 3
PT 100% Coreia
Master of Study Episódio 4
Episódio 4
PT 100% Coreia
Master of Study Episódio 5
Episódio 5
PT 100% Coreia
Master of Study Episódio 6
Episódio 6
PT 100% Coreia


Yoo Seung Ho
Ator Principal
Go Ah Sung
Ator Principal
Kim Soo Ro
Ator Principal
Park Jiyeon
Ator Principal

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