The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok

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The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok
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The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok depicts the life of Kim Man Deok (Lee Mi Yeon), a woman born on Jeju Island who transcended her lowly status as a gisaeng as well as the restraints of her birthplace, considered at the time to be a remote place of exile, to become a successful female merchant during the Chosun Dynasty. She later became a famous model of virtue and nobility when she donated all her assets to aid the residents of Jeju during a famine, saving countless lives.

Original title
The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok
Romanized title
geo sang gim man deok
Also known as
Merchant Kim Man Deok
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2010-03-06 to 2010-06-13
Korea Korean Drama Costume & Period Biography Drama


Ha Seok Jin
Main Actor
Oh Yeon Seo
Main Actor
Han Jae Suk
Main Actor
Park Sol-mi
Main Actor

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