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El Capo (Season 1)

El Capo

EN 0% Colombia, Action & Adventure

El Capo (Season 1)


Drug lord Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo, a man who by necessity, chance and ambition has become the richest and most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia. Despite his immense wealth, Pedro Pablo has maintained a low profile over the course of his life and has kept his role as a drug cartel leader a secret from his friends and family. This strategy has allowed him to fly under the radar of the authorities for years, but has also inadvertently created a complex web of betrayals, loves and hates that grows beyond his control. As the truth is revealed, Pedro Pablo's world begins falling apart around him.

Original title
El Capo
Broadcast Network
RCN Television
Broadcast Period
08-13-2009 to 02-10-2010
Colombia Action & Adventure Thriller & Suspense Telenovelas Crime & Mystery


El Capo (Season 1) Episode 1 Fan Channel
Episode 1
EN 2% Colombia
El Capo (Season 1) Episode 2 Fan Channel
Episode 2
EN 0% Colombia

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El Capo (Season 1)

El Capo (Season 1)

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