Vampire Prosecutor 2

뱀파이어 검사2

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Vampire Prosecutor 2
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In the second season of “Vampire Prosecutor,” Min Tae Yeon is back as the prosecutor who heads up a new division that investigates unsolved murder cases. No one, except for Detective Hwang Soon Bum, knows that Tae Yeon was bitten seven years ago and acquired vampire powers, which allows him to taste a victim’s blood and know exactly how the victim died. While he uses his powers for good, can Tae Yeon also try to track down the person responsible for his unhuman condition?

Original title
뱀파이어 검사2
Romanized title
baem pa I eo geom sa
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Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2012-09-09 to 2012-11-18
Korea SciFi & Fantasy Korean Drama Thriller & Suspense Crime & Mystery Drama


Yeon Jung Hoon
Main Actor
Lee Young Ah
Main Actor
Lee Kyung Young
Main Actor
Kim Joo Young
Main Actor

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