Glass Mask
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Fate brings together two sisters who share a tragic start to their lives under one household. Kang Yi Kyung (Seo Woo) was adopted by Police Detective Kang In Chul (Kang Shin Il), who covered up a horrible mistake he made on the job. While pursuing a criminal named Shin Gi Tae (Gi Ju Bong), In Chul accidentally shoots Gi Tae’s pregnant wife and his police partner, but Gi Tae ends up taking the fall for the crimes and goes to prison. Gi Tae’s wife delivers a baby girl and then dies. Haunted by the guilt of his actions, In Chul decides to adopt the baby girl and raise her. Meanwhile, his dead partner’s wife, Shim Hae Soon (Jung Ae Ri), miscarries her baby after being traumatized by her husband’s death. But she walks into the hospital nursery and takes a baby girl and leaves the hospital. She names the girl Seo Yeon and raises her as her own daughter. Both raising baby girls, In Chul and Hae Soon later rely on each other to help raise the girls and then end up getting married, raising Yi Kyung and Seo Yeon (Kim Yoon Seo) as sisters. But the secrets about their pasts haunt them throughout their lives. When Yi Kyung learns the truth behind her birth and about her real parents, she is consumed with anger and the need to avenge her father, who was wrongfully accused of murder. Will seeking redemption bring the much-needed closure to her life or will her quest end in yet another tragedy? “Glass Mask” is a 2012 South Korean drama series that airs on the tvN network. It bears no relation to the Japanese manga by the same title.
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Original title
Romanized title
yu ri ga myeon
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2012-09-03 to 2013-04-04
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