King of Dramas

드라마의 제왕

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King of Dramas
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We all knew that creating a hit drama series is hard work with lots of prima donnas to contend with and placate. Anthony Kim (Kim Myung Min) is a producer who has the Midas touch in creating hit shows, but he has to deal with an idealistic new screenwriter who wants her dramas to carry an important message and an arrogant, top actor who refuses to compromise in any way. Can the three put their differences aside to create a hit drama series or will their own personal dramas overtake their project?

Original title
드라마의 제왕
Romanized title
deu ra ma ui je wang
Also known as
The Lord of Dramas, The Lord of the Drama
Volunteer Team
His Royal Subjects Team
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2012-11-05 to 2013-01-07
Korea Idol Drama Korean Drama Drama


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Kim Myung Min
Main Actor
Oh Ji Eun
Main Actor
Choi Siwon
Main Actor
Jung Ryeo Won
Main Actor

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