Welcome to my profile! 。^‿^。

I speak both English and Spanish and on the process of learning Korean and sometimes Japanese.

Thank you to all my Senseis for helping me along the way and having the patience as well.

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flower boy next door gif photo: Flower Boy Next Door tumblr_mgpa9lIh9N1rf1q8oo1_500_large_zps0adcb4c7.gif

This is the first K-drama, Flower Boy Next Door, I ever watched by accidentally and I fell in love with the dramas and how my love for dramas and kpop started.

I am currently available on Mon/Wed: 8am-11am, 6pm-11pm Tues/Thur: 4am-12pm, Fri:6 pm-12 pm. I do go to college, so I would be busy, but I am willing to make time and work.


By the way I am in love with these boys:

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