I love everything from classic Jane Austen period dramas up to modern Asian dramas. :D

And I would be happy about some helping hands with the projects that I am working on. ANY HELP is appreciated!



- "Asi" [On Hold]

Currently being hardsubbed in English offline!

A Turkish drama which has some similarities with Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice". Asi and Demir's story is so bittersweet to watch. Even without understanding a word I fell in love with it...



- "Mafia Luerd Mungkorn ~ Mafia Dragon Blood-Series"

(Consisting of 5 lakorns)


"Mafia Luerd Mungkorn: Suer | Sing | Krating | Rad | Hong" ["Mafia Dragon Blood: Tiger | Lion | Bull | Rhino | Swan"] is a lakorn series consisting of 5 stories which will have an own lakorn each:

- Mafia Dragon Blood I ~ Tiger

(http://www.viki.com/tv/21592c-mafia-dragon-blood-i-tiger) ~ Deleted by Viki -  Check here for complete hardsubs ~

Wanvisa pissed off a Young Mafia. So he tries to get back at her. But Wanvisa won't take the bullies. She got back at him, putting him in embarrassing situations. They start exchanging blows, teasing and prank each other. While they continue blickering, she saves his life co-incidently many times. Later she found out that he is Parop, heir of a rich family. Recently, he had been having bad luck and had many life theating accidents. A fortune teller told his parent that Parop is in extreme bad luck. It may cost his life, The only way out is to find a girl who was born on full moon Monday. This girl will be his lucky charm and will save his life. Upon finding out that Wanvisa was born on full moon Monday, his parents tries to get them to get married. But the young tiger is too heavy-lip to accept his feeling for her. As Cupid works their way, Wanvisa starts to notice that it wasn't accident. And the person behind the assassination is somebody close to them.

 - "Mafia Dragon Blood II ~ Lion"

 - "Mafia Dragon Blood III ~ Bull"

 - "Mafia Dragon Blood IV ~ Rhino" 

 - "Mafia Dragon Blood V ~ Swan" 

Next Projects:



- "Khun Seuk"


This is a historical period drama about a forbidden love between a poor soldier name Sema and a rich noble young lady name Reirai. During this time of warfare, one must literally fight their way up the social status to be accepted and respected. Will Sema be able to serve his country and fight his way up to reach his love Reirai? Watch and find out how love can be a powerful motivation to succeed.


Current Projects (Inactive):

- "Elisa di Rivombrosa"



Set in Piemonte of Carlo Emanuele III, Elisa di Rivombrosa tells the love story between Count Fabrizio Ristori and the maid Elisa Scalzi, lady companion of countess Agnes, mother of Fabrizio. The couple will face many difficulties, intrigues of all kinds, a mockery of fate and various misfortunes.
This is one of the best and most poplar Italian TV-dramas of all time full uf passion and love with two protagonists who have such a sizzling chemistry on screen...


- "La Figlia di Elisa - Riturno a Rivombrosa"



This Italian Minisieries is about the forbidden love between Agnese, daughter of Elisa di Rivombrosa and her beloved husband Count Fabrizio, and the young mysterious aristocrat Andrea. Without knowing about their real identities both fall in love but the feud between their families will keep them apart. Will this starcrosses-lovers have a happy ending?




- "One Thousand and One Nights - Aladin & Sherazade"



This magical tale is about Aladin and Sherazade, a shoemaker and a Princess, who fall in love and have to face many obstacles to save their love.


- "Angel or Demon"



The forces of good and evil continue to fight their age-old battle on Earth, through supernatural creatures that live among us and are part of our everyday lives. After finding out she's an angel, Valeria Gascón will try, episode after episode, to counteract the effects of her rivals, the demons. Will she imagine that the boy she loves, Damián, is also one of our greatest enemies?


- "Love in Exile - Aşka Sürgün"



When his brother is killed by a member of the Şahvar family Hazar Azizoğlu has to marry Zilan, the beautiful daughter of the enemy, to put an end to the blood feud between the Azizoğlu family and the Şahvar family. Hazar and Zilan, both very different from each other and and complete strangers to one another, have to enter an arranged marriage and everything get's even more complicated when love starts to bloom...

A beatiful lovestory starring Beren Saat, one of Turkey's most popular actresses!



- "Doctor's Diary"



Doctor's Diary tells the story of the young aspiring doctor Gretchen Haase. After she discovered her fiance was cheating on her all her dreams shattered. So Gretchen has to move in with her parents again and accepts a position as an assistant doctor. She decides to strive in her job but then she discovers that her childhood-crush Marc Meier who always bullied her works there as well. And apart from that another man enters Gretchen's life and things get even more complicated than before.


- "1001 Nights (Binbir Gece)"


This Turkish drama tells about the lovestory of Şehrazat and Onur: Şehrazat, a talented architect who works in a construction company owned by Onur Aksal and Kerem. She is the mother of a five-year old boy who suffers from leukemia and needs an urgent and very expensive surgery. Only her boss Onur, who is secretly attracted to her, accepts to give her the money on condition that she spends one night with him...



- "Talay Rissaya - Sea of Envy"


A Thai lakorn starring Pong and Bee with a story full of thrill, schemes and ROMANCE. Both fall in love with each other but the hate of his mother stands in the way. Will their love survive?


Future Projects:

- "Grand Hotel ~ Gran Hotel"


“I hate only two things more than unpunctuality: Mistakes and lies.” Are these the last words heard by Cristina, the head chamber-maid at the Grand Hotel, before her disappearance? What makes these words so explosive is the fact that they were spoken by Señora Alarcón, the owner of the luxurious Grand Hotel. Determined to learn the truth about Cristina's mysterious disappearance, her bold but irresistibly charming brother Julio infiltrates the hotel in the guise of a footman and begins a life-threatening investigation. It will take him clear across the social strata, uncover shocking truths, and open some doors that were meant to be shut forever. Most of all, Julio's quest will lead him into the arms of Alicia Alarcón, the owner's ravishingly beautiful eldest daughter, an independent-minded young woman who is forced to marry the ambitious, calculating hotel manager for the sake of the family business. Though she discovers Julio's true identity and mission, she agrees to help him find the truth about his sister – thus openly defying her family and risking her own life.

- "The Ship ~ El Barco"


This Spanish TV Series tells the story of the "Estrella Polar" ("Polar Star"), a school ship that goes into the Atlantic Ocean for what's expected to be a voyage of two months. At the helm of the ship stands Captain Ricardo Montero (Juanjo Artero), who comes into the ship with his daughters, 20-year-old Ainhoa (Blanca Suárez) and 6-year-old Valeria (Patricia Arbues), whose mother has recently died. Julia Wilson (Irene Montalá) is the ship's scientist, Julián de La Cuadra (Luis Callejo) is the captain's right hand, Salomé (Neus Sanz) is the cook, with "Burbuja" (Iván Massagué) helping her, and some of the pupils are Piti, Estela, Ramiro, Vilma and priest Andrés (Bernabé Fernández), among others. A special guest comes in the form of stowaway Ulises (Mario Casas), who is looking for his father, Julián. At first, it seems that, after some scuffles between the pupils, everything will be going okay. However, the people at the ship, except for Julia, don't know that the LHC is being turned on. Things go very awry very soon, when the LHC starts working and accidentally recreates the Big Bang, apparently killing everyone in Geneva and expanding all over the world. A gigantic storm washes over the Estrella Polar, soon acquiring the look of a hurricane, but the ship survives miraculously thanks to being in a series of coordinates where they are protected from the storm thanks to a submarine fault line. Soon, it becomes apparent that the disappearance of the other ships from the radar isn't a coincidence: It soon becomes apparent that the ship might be the only sign of human life resting in the world. How will all these people thrown together into this extraordinary fate re-act. And where lies the real danger - out there in the wide sea or on board of the ship which is their new home?

- Fear of Love - Paura di amare

( http://www.viki.com/tv/12671c-fear-of-love-paura-di-amare )

Stefano Loi, the president of the big pharmaceutical group Loipharma, lives happily in Turin together with his beautiful wife Emma and his two children Carlotta and Tommy. Suddenly Emma dies in a car accident and their whole life is turned upside down. Carlotta escapes from her sad home and encounters Asia, a girl graduating in medecine, who helps her when she's in trouble. Back at home the children's nanny breaks her leg and a replacement for her is needed. Carlotta suggestes Asia as the new nanny who is happy to have a chance to earn some money for her studies. She quickly wins the hearts of everyone in the household except Stefano. But very slowly even he discovers that Asia is the chane to become happy once again. Will their happiness last? What will the rest of his family do? Who is trying to get his hands on Stefano's company Loipharma and what secret is behind Asia's long lost mother?

- The Three Roses of Eva - Le tre rose di Eva


A story of murder, conspiracy and secrets but above all about a great love story: The story of impossible love between Aurora Taviani and Alessandro Monforte. Both belong to enemy families and both are divided by a history of blood and mystery. This story takes place in the atmosphere of the great vineyards of the Tuscan countryside and the world of wine. Aurora Taviani, wrongly accused of the murder of Luca Monforte, is released from prison after eight years and returns to her grandmother's house Ottavia in Villalba. The woman's decision leads to a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend Alessandro Monforte and his family. How will Aurora and Alessandro, who already has a new girlfriend, react when their old feeling for one another come to life again? Will Alessandro be able to forget that Aurora is the alleged murderer of his father? Will Aurora succeed in proving her innocence? Who is the real muderer of Luca Monforte?

- "Terra Ribelle"


Two young cowboys who've grown up together and are united by a passion for adventure and a taste for the challenge posed by the wild and savage nature of their land. Their different social origins will divide them but destiny will lead them to fall in love with the same woman.Two aristocratic sisters of different characters. One seeks marriage, the other yearns for true love.


- "The Hawk and the Dove - Il Falco e la Colomba"


This Italian Miniseries tells a tale of passion and intrigue in the sixteenth century Rome. Giulio Branciforte, a captain of humble origins, meets Elena Campireali, daughter of the Lord of Campireali who is intended for a marriage of convenience with the Prince Savelli. Giulio and Elena couldn't be more different regarding wealth and social status yet they fall in love. But their lovestory is destined to challenge social conventions and political opportunism.


- "The American Girl - La Ragazza Americana"


Susan, a young American who comes from Kentucky, inherits a castle and a village near Arezzo. Her arrival is not welcomed by the locals. Their spokesman is Vasco, the local blacksmith, who is doing everything possible to protect their rights. Both, Susan and Vacso, will try anything to win the other over and soon feelings start to grow...

- "Land of Wolves"


"Tierra de Lobos" is a western set in 19th century Spain. Translated as "Land of Wolves", it's actually named after Anotonio Lobo, the wealthy landowner who controls and owns most of the land. His whole world turns upside down when two outlaws, Cesar and Roman Bravo, decide to return to their childhood home, located on his property. And the conflict intensifies between them when Cesar and Almudena, the eldest of Lobo's four beautiful daughters, end up falling in love.


- "Pee Mak Phra Khanong"


In the Rattanakosin Kingdom, Mak (Mario Maurer) leaves his pregnant wife Nak (Davika Hoorne) to join the war and meets four soldiers who become his best friends. During this time, his wife Nak struggles to give birth to their baby. When the war ends, Mak invites his friends to visit Phra Khanong and meet his beautiful wife Nak. Meanwhile, rumors fly around town that Nak is a ghost. His four friends and villagers trying to tell Mak that his wife is already dead. This Thai movie is currently the highest grossing Thai film and one of Asia's highest grossing films of all time.


Completed Projects:


- "Kularb Rai Glai Ruk"


A Thai lakorn starring Matt and Great about a couple with a love-hate-relationship that one has to LOVE! :-)



- "The Star Courts the Moon - Dao Kiao Duen"


In this lakorn Janie Tienposuwan plays a modern woman looking to have child with a man with the right pedigree. She finds her match in Aum Atichart who is a Thai nobleman.

- "Love Started at the Fence - Ton Ruk Rim Rua"


Who would have thought Nalin would be married 3 times? Not with any random guy but to her best friend Kob. He lives next door and they had been friend since childhood. First time, they got married to please his dying grandma. It only lasted 7 days. They got divorced right after grandma passed away. Many years passed. They were still best friends. Nalin needed to get married to somebody in order to get a promotion at work. She didn't have anybody. So she asked for his hand in marriage. This time it was different. He started to have feelings for her. But his move was too late because Nalin just fell in love with another guy. What is he gonna be: Her husband or her best friend?

- "Sunset at Chaophraya - Koo Kum" (2013)


In this latest adaption of a much-loved tragic Thai novel set during World War II, Nadech Kugimiya plays Kobori, a Japanese soldier who falls in love with Angsumalin, a beautiful Thai woman. Proud and patriotic, Angsumalin rebuffs Kobori’s approach at first. But when they are forced to get married for political reasons, her attitude towards Kobori starts to change.

- "Emotions Market"


Trat, heir to one of the richest companies in Thailand, comes back to Thailand after years of self-impose exile from his father who married a woman he disapproved of. His stepmother wants him to take over the family business after his father's death but his hate towards her is too big. Then he meets a young woman and they fall for each other. When he learns that she's actually his stepmother's niece he mistakenly thinks she and his stepmother are scheming something. Now his own revenge begins...


- "Dok Soke"


A Thai lakorn that tells a Cinderella-story of a girl who has to endure hardship as a child and who is suddenly put into a rich household, when her rich grandfather recognizes her on the street. There she meets Ausanai again, the man whom she already loved as a child and who always treated her very kindly. How will this romance enfold and will this girl remain a sad flower ("Dok Soke") or will she get happiness after all?




- "October Sonata - Love That Waits"


Sangchan is a girl working in a factory who falls in love with an attractive guy named Rawee. As Rawee has to go study abroad, he keeps a promise of coming back to see Sangchan on October, 8th of each year. While Rawee is away, Sangchan has a chance to be friend with Lim, another guy who admires her. Now it is the test of love and faith that Sangchan has to work out.

 - "Where the Sky Meets the Horizon"


Michelle is a mixed orphaned girl who grew up in a convent. When she graduated from school, she followed her best friend Cathy to a distant desert kingdom called Hufarah to teach. As soon as they get there, Cathy is assigned to the palace to be a lady of the court (i.e. concubine) for King Ahmed, the ruler of Hufarah. It was foretold by the Royal fortune teller that the woman who will give birth to King Ahmed’s heir has arrived to Hufarah. Because she already had a lover and the misconception that Michelle was trying to steal her French lover Robert, Cathy devises a plan to make Michelle her substitute. Following traditional custom of the land, Sharif, the King’s beloved friend and royal officer will deliver that woman to King Ahmed. On the night of the delivery of Michelle to King Ahmed, Oman, a younger relative of King Ahmed, created a rebellious uprising and had King Ahmed executed in front of Sharif. Sharif was very devastated by the loss, he fought with the rebel army and fled with Michelle into the wide and open desert. Together Sharif and Michelle had to face the dry harsh elements of the desert landscape as they were being hunted down by Oman’s rebel army. Being together alone and experiencing the difficulties of the desert together, the two began to sympathize with each other. Sympathy and understanding turned into love. However, their love faced an obstacle because of Sharif’s duty to save the throne of Hufarah and to make the kingdom peaceful again.

- "Sud Sai Paan"


Thitit (Toomtam Yuthana Puengklarng) meets Gandaomanee Kitrinisuan (Vill/View Wannarot Sontichai) in Phrajoit and falls in love with her. Unbeknownst to Tit, Gandaomanee is using her elder twin sister's name, Gandaowasee, for herself. She tricks him into believing she's the real Gandaowasee and he falls in love with her. She later leaves him when she grows tired of him and realizes he's not rich. Tit is heart-broken and tries searching for her unsuccessfully. He later meets the real Gandaowasee Kitrinisuan at a party and is ecstatic upon seeing her. But Gan claims she doesn't know him. Tit assumes she doesn't want to remember him because he's poor, therefore denying ever knowing him. Gan doesn't know that she has a younger twin named Gandaomanee from her father's previous marriage, and that Gandaomanee is using Gan's name to cause trouble for people around her. Tit soon inherits a fortune from his father's family and becomes rich. He and Gan later marry each other and soon Gandaomanee gets into the picture, trying to win back Tit now that he's rich. Only time will tell who Tit really loves.

- "Tan Chai Nai Sai Mok"


Louis Scott plays the Crown Prince of the kingdom "Newlands" who falls in love with a commoner (played by Punch) while traveling incognito as a backpacking tourist. But soon his real identity is revealed and obstacles of status and court protocol threaten their love. What will the Prince do, follow his heart or follow his duty?


- 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan


P'ek, Kade Tawan, is a poor kid, whose mother is a prostitute, and he and his sister are raised in the brothel. But seeing his sisters future is going to be like his mothers, they run away and end up living in the temple where they meet lots of other kids. There are two in particular, one ends up being Tawan's best friend and the other becomes his most despised enemy, Shane, who was adopted by an western couple, used him to smuggle drugs. When the kids grow up, Tawan and his friend work low paying job, like a waiter, just to get by and pay for his sister's fees. Shane comes back one day and seduces his sister and sells her to a brothel. Tawan goes looking for her everywhere only to find her one day in a brothel, addicted to drugs. To pay for her hospital fees, he agrees to star in a movie, but unfortunately she dies. The movie becomes a hit, he becomes a star. But he doesn't like his private life, especially concerning his past and his sister to be made public, so he despises reporters. Years later, Tawan no longer stars in movies, but instead he has become a top fashion designer. N'ek is a reporter, Matana, whose latest scoop is to try and interview Tawan. An anonymous package was delivered to all the newspapers with pictures of Tawan's models in sexy/nude kind of poses, with a note saying that his models are escorts/prostitutes and that Tawan is a pimp. So Matana's boss sends her to Phuket, where Tawan has a holiday home to try and get an interview. While trying to get an interview, she falls sick in front of his house and he has no choice but to take her in. All the while, Shane has come back and is doing everything he can to bring Tawan down, especially targetting the people that Tawan loves.

- 3 Musketeers Series 2: Mon Jan Tra - Mon Jan Tra


She is a young reporter aiming to write a story about a secretive Casino owner named Sama, unbeknowst to her they have a history together. When she was a kid, he gave her money to care for her sick mother who later died. In return for his kindness, she saved him from being killed by hoodlums at a casino. As an adult she has a lot of prejudices for gambling and casinos because her father was a gambler who abandoned them when her ailing mother and twin sister needed him the most.

- 3 Musketeers Series 3: Fah Krajang Dao


This dark, twisted story about human trafficking, drug warfare, and woman/child abuse will make for a sobering watch, but hopefully we’re thrown a romantic love story as well as some fun girl power too. This new, fresh pairing should set off fireworks.


- "Majurat See Nam Pueng"


Two very different people are joined in an arranged matrimony bound by the promise of their parents. He hates women an thinks of them as golddiggers, she never imagined to enter an arranged marriage and she already has a suitor. When he takes her to the countryside where he lives he's determined to make her life a living hell but will she really bow to him? Or will there be any chance for love between these two?


- "Mam Gaem Daeng"


Ana agrees to help her good friend Pat by faking their engagement. Since his family wants Pat to marry someone he doesn't love a fake wife seems to be the perfect protection. But when his big brother Nadol enters the scene everything gets even more complicated when Ana (who everybody thinks is pregnant with Pat's child) slowly falls for Nadol. And Nadol cannot stop his feelings for who he thinks is his future sister-in-law... How will things end? Will Ana and Nadol find happiness at last?


- "Cinderella - Cenerentola (2011)"


Cinderella, the greatest love story ever told, comes back to life in the splendid setting of the Roman Dolce Vita in the 1950s ... Aurora, our modern day Cinderella, is forced by her stepmother to work as a waitress in a hotel that was once her home. She has only her passion for music to escape from her unhappy situation until several new people enter her life. Will she find her "Prince" and her happiness at last?


- "Sao Noi - Little Girl"


This lakorn is like a mixture of the Taiwanese drama "The Prince who Turned into a Frog" and the Thai drama "Game Rai Game Ruk" set in a period time: The lovestory of a young man from a rich family (Son) who loses all his memories of his past life when he is attacked. Alone and lost he gets to know a young woman in a small village and both fall deeply in love... When his past life gets hold of him again he and his love are seperated and he resumes his old life. Will this be the end of this great love or will the young woman succeed in winning him back?




- "Husband ~ Samee (2013)"


This lakorn is about pride and love. Rasika, a girl of royal blood, was brought up by her father believing that the most important thing in life is a pedigree and purity of blood. After her father's death, the family went bankrupt and homeless since the bank claimed their debts. Rasika's mom tries to pay off the debt by getting married to a wealthy Chinese businessman but Rasika categorically doesn't accept him and his family, considering them unworthy enter into their family. The Chinese businessman has two sons, Ram and Vachin. Ram falls in love at first sight when he meets Rasika.
Outraged by her daughter's arrogant attitude her mother decides to teach her a lesson and so she organizes the wedding between Rasika and her youngest stepson Vachitom but with the condition that he would give her a house after their marriage celebration. Rasika agrees but Vachit doesn't appear at the wedding. Then Ram announces that he will step in and marry Rasika instead of his brother.

- "Love to the Extreme - Ruk Sutrit"


In this romantic comedy Italit (James Jirayu) is a bad boy to everyone around him. He doesn't like to listen to people and doesn't like school but when a young teacher (Punch) enters his life she tries to teach him a lesson about life and love...

- "Child of a Slave - Look Tard"


Kaew is a servant in Namthip’s house. Before this time the king made this law that at this certain year any servant born at this certain year will be set free when they reach 21. Kaew is a servant-slave that qualifies for this. His master doesn’t like this rule. Kaew wants to become a official for the king to make a name for himself and so he travels across the lake to this other Khun’s house who helps Kaew by teaching him reading and the law. His Master doesn't approve of his neighbours actions. When Kaew gets caught he gets flogged and at certain time his mother does also. His father was flogged to death when he was younger.
Namthip, the nobel daughter of his master and Kaew like each other but in the status in life that they are at they can’t see each other in that sense. Both of them develop strong and deep feelings for one another and their only hope is the King's law and that Kaew overcomes his slave-status. Namthip's father tries to keep these two lovers apart eventhough it might mean death for Kaew. And in addition Namthip’s cousin Manote who is supposed to marry her keeps bothering Namthip a lot.
Will Kaew and Namthip overcome all obstacles and make a life together by leaving Kaew's slave-status and society's prejudices behind? Will love prevail?

- "Cubic"


The father of Ruthai is in debt with the main guy Lin Lang Sur who is a well known member of the Hongkong mafia. As the ugly duckling of the family Ruthai is a very intelligent student but cannot compare with her sister's beautiful looks. Lin Lang Sur decides to accept her sister as a payback for the high debts of her family but when the girl's father learns of this plan he decides to run away with his daughters. But the Ruthai has to return home in the last minute to fetch something that she had forgotten there and she's immediately catched by Lin Lang Sur's gang and brought to his mansion. Seeing that this is not the beautiful sister that he planned to catch Lin Lang Sur decides to make Ruthai a servant in his house but eventually he falls in love with her.

- "Samee Tee Tra (2013) ~ The Marked Husband"


This is an adult lakorn centering around a bratty rich woman (Ploy) who has gone through two failed marriages and one dead husband. She has a two-faced friend (Jui) who has been having an affair with her current husband who eventually dies in a car accident. The friend has been deceiving her for years playing the innocent good girl card. She eventually finds love again with this phenomenal man (Pope) who sincerely loves her regardless of her past and bratty personality. But the insecurities about trust relating to her past experiences of being cheated on and the appearance of her ex-friend brings turmoil to her current marriage.

- "Ruk Ok Rit"


Mew's character will be a woman who was married to many guys but all of them died suddenly after becoming her husband. Then Pope's character enters the scene. What will happen when these two meet again and again, will he be her last guy and also last forever?

- "Tam Hua Jai Pai Sood Lah"


She would not be told to marry anyone! Much as she loved and respected her Arab stepfather and wanted to please him, Danielle was horrified to learn he was arranging a marriage for her, Arab fashion, to his nephew. Danielle refused outright. And meeting him only confirmed her decision. He was dashing and bold and handsome, and she soon fell in love with him, but he was a man of the East, brought up to think of a woman's place as within palace walls. Marriage to such a man could only eventually destroy her...

Current Projects (Active):

- "Wanalee"


This is a romantic comedy centering on a kidnapping gone wrong. In the lakorn all the male leads are police officers. The female lead Witchuda (or Wit) is not your typical girl, and is kind of tomboyish. She has a lot of spunk, she takes karate lessons, she is very confident and fears no one. She can handle a gun and can handle herself if she was attacked. She has two older brothers.The oldest is Witchati or P'Yai and her middle brother is P'Klang. Little things begins to pile about Wit that concerned P'Yai. He wanted her to be safe and be 'saved'. The best solution, hooking her up with a boyfriend and eventually marrying her off to this guy. P'Yai chose his buddy, Sorat, a porky and humorous police buddy of his who was an old bachelor looking to get marry. To P'Yai, Sorat looked like a safe bet for a great brother-in-law who can care for his sister. P'Yai tries every way to set the two up, but Wit wasn't having it. Sorat wasn't her type. Compared to Sorat, she was the dominant one. She needed someone who can match her bold personality. But Sorat really likes Wit. So much that Sorat asked his younger brother Sayam to do him a favor, kidnap Wit for him, and later he will come and pretend to rescue her. Sayam, the main male lead, agrees. He pities his older brother. So Sayam pretends to be the big bad criminal Seua Meut (Dark Tiger) and kidnaps Witchuda deep into the jungle to a dingy cabin. Will this kidnapping become a big disappointment or will everyone be happy with the outcome?

- "Anko Kon Ruk Strawberry"


Anya (Araya A.Hargate) or nicknamed Anko an outspoken girl working for Head Hunter which is a company that does everything to obtain valuable personnels from one company for its customer. Anya is assigned to make Dr. Saen Pueannadee (Theeradej Wongpuapan) quit his job at Piangpordee company. Dr.Saen is a charming PhD doctor that graduated in genetic engineering from the States. The other company needs him so badly but he insists on working for the non-profit company like Piangpordee.
Anya applies to be Dr.Saen's secretary. There have been several people quit this position before her. Not only that his secretary had to tolerate a lot of outdoor works (in farms, etc), they also couldn't tolerate troubles caused by all the girls around Dr.Saen. From a member of a royal family, a superstar actress to a daughter of a village leader, these girls give Dr.Saen a headache every single day. He likes the fact that Anya can actually help him from these disturbing girls.
In order to make Dr.Saen quit and move to her customer company and earn her a 200,000-baht commission and a vice manager position, Anya really wants to complete the mission. But when she meets and gets to work with Dr.Saen, she realizes why Dr.Saen wants to work with this small company and somehow her fondness of Dr.Saen increases everyday. Still, her mission has to be completed and finally she did it against of her wish. Anya goes to confess her false to Dr.Saen and due to the dissapointment, Saen leaves without telling. Anya decides to follow him to his strawberry farm and go after her taken-away heart.

- "The Sun Beside The Moon ~ Dao Kiang Duen"


Sequel of the lakon "The Sun Courts the Moon" (http://www.viki.com/tv/20890c-the-star-courts-the-moon). In this lakorn, we will see Janie and Aum's son played by Ken Phupoom Pongpanu. He will meet a young girl played by Pichukkana Wongsarattanasin. It's a romantic comedy.

- "Fai Nai Wayu"


Aum plays the eldest son and heir of a wealthy family. His stepmother and her own son conspire to take over the estate. They make him believe that he killed his own brother by his stepmother. Therefore he escapes to a farm tormenting himself with his feelings of guilt. The only daughter of the farm who is played by Matt shows him kindness and sincerity which slowly helps him to recover.

- "For a Night of Love (Per una notte d'amore)"



This Italian Miniseries is about Georgia and how one night of love changed her life forever. Working as a dancer in a night club Georgia has an aversion against men since she had to face painful experiences in the past. Still Niccolò wins her affection and both spend a night of love together. Niccolò is determined to help Georgia but fate will come between them and with it Niccolò's older brother Alessio who seems determined to protect his family. What will happen when Georgia and Alessio meet?


- "Rani"


It's a historical miniseries set in the 18th century about the Jolanne de Valcourt, who was wrongly convicted and sentenced to death because she was framed by her evil half-brother. Her destiny leads her to India, where French and Brittish compete and struggle to colonize and commercially exploit the area by dealing with the Indian Maharajah. In Indian she is sold into slavery and struggles to overcome several treacheries and she has to fight for her one true love, the English captain, Craig Walker, whom she falls deeply in love but their lovestory is challenged by the events a lot of times.


- "One Night of Love"


A Russian period drama which followed "Poor Nastya" and is also set in 19th century Russia. The story is filled with romance, ballroom-dances, conspiracies and with a heroine that disguises as a man. In other words it has everything in it that I enjoy most. :-)




- "Poor Nastya"


A Russian period drama full of romance and suspense. Give it a try, you'll love it when you first take a look at Daniel Strahov (Baron Vladimir Ivanovich Korf). *Promise* ;-)