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  • Reviews - W


    8,5! So good the subject! Great idea! In the end there are some strange events...something too much in the plot, but only in the end. Rest of the drama, plot and story as well, is very interesting, amazing and lovable. Good couple and good chemistry. Really amazing interpretation of female lead role's father!!!! Good music. Not too long love scene. Drama not perfect in every aspects, but not far from perfection....surely a "must to watch".

  • Reviews - Don't Hesitate


    6,5-7 Uhmmm....too long. Very too much long. More a SOAP than a drama for kind of situations and number of episodes. But impressive the acting and very good is the characterization of every chara. Not predictable the female lead role's actions and this is the really strong point. OST not so good, but lovely and many love scene. So...almost 7

  • ayumiyuy


    This is more a 7,5 than a 8. Plot has not such a good evolution...some facts of the story are too longer and not nice, like some development in soap. BUT romantic scenes are very very good and original: perfect the script, the direction, the photography and Aaron Yan's acting! My high vote is all for romantic scenes and Aaron Yan's acting. He's this drama. Even if this drama has a nice and interesting basic plot, it hasn't a very good way to evolve it, so its strong point remains romantic scenes...but without Aaron Yan's skill these couldn't exist. So, a good drama, nothing special, a bit slow, but as whole is pleasant and a not to be missed for romantic people.