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  • Reviews - Lawless Lawyer


    By reading the plot I thought this is nothing for me as I'm not really into action but so far I liked all action kdrama with Lee Jun Ki in it as he's an amazing actor. All in all I think this drama was really nice. Sometimes I felt like it dragged a bit but on the other hand I think it might have been needed to build the plot.

  • dudie


    I don't know what I did expect from this Kdrama to begin with but I at least thought it would be a fun watch after a long day at work. But rather then being funny it became rather boring after about 2 episodes and more and more stupid. No idea why I even continued watching... maybe because I thought it would get better? No that was wishful thinking... You don't miss much if you skip this drama and go watch something else.

  • Reviews - Witch's Love


    The plot looked interesting and fun but this turned into a so-so Kdrama. Not the most terrible one I've seen but certainly not the best one out there by far. Like all Viki originals this far I feel this Kdrama missed that little bit of extra. Now it was dragging and nothing much really happened. It was entertaining but if you expect something amazing and something that will get you hooked this isn't a Kdrama for you. If you had a bad day and want to watch something cute without thinking to much this might be a nice Kdrama to make you feel better.