I am Jay, 19, Male, Gay, single.

I was born in China and adopted to the USA. Here I have my parents and three sisters, Katy (22), Briana (18), and Sara (16). But I also know my biological family in China, I try to visit every year. I have a younger brother (15) and an older sister (26) living there. I speak Mandarin Chinese.

I'm a college student, major undecided. Probably go into translations.

I play Hockey and Soccer, I like kpop, jrock, and cpop. at the moment, my bias are: Guy Tang, Vanness Wu, Yong Hwa, Taemin, Miyavi, and Yunho.

I work three jobs besides school, so my viikii time fits between those, dates, and school. You can find me on Tumblr here:jyjhng

I'm pretty open about my life, feel free to ask anything.

I enjoy watching mostly Taiwanese and Korean dramas in my free time and subbed on viiki on an old account. I'm excited to join some teams in anyone is interested in taking me on. :)

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