Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei-Completed

UnrulyQiao (Royal Johnson Medical/Physician )-Completed

Koutetsu Sangokushi-Completed

The Glamorous Imperial Concubine-Completed

Sealed With a Kiss-Completed

Mystery In The Palace-Completed

The Fate Cupid - Likit Kammathep

The Legend of Arching Hero

Friendship You and Me-Completed

Tong Flowers Love

Love Recipe


The Homeless Student-Completed

My Bratty Princess

Thank You-Completed

Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang-Completed

I Miss You 200%-Completed

La Lingerie-Completed

Early Marriage Effect 



The Floating Live-Completed (Spa Mod)

Monsoon Wedding-Completed (Spa Mod)

P.O.V.- A Cursed Film (Moderator)

Fly with the Gold (Moderator)

The Vulture (Moderator)

Great Expectations-Completed (Moderator)

Seong Chun Yang-Completed (Moderator)

Lady Cinderella (Spa Mod)

Four Brothers of Peking  (Spa Mod)

Good Morning Shanghai  (Spa Mod)

Love Amongst War (Spa Mod)

Nu Ren Hua (Moderator)

Iron Masked Singer (Spa Mod)

Dark Fragrance (Moderator)

Love! Ah, I Do (Ai Wo Ai Ya) (Moderator)

Legend of the Ancient Sword-Completed (Spa Mod)

Chong Sheng Men (Spa Mod)

My Daughter-Broken Links (Spa Mod)

An Innocent Mistake-Completed (Spa Mod)

Wife's Secret (Moderator)

Inspire Life (Spa Mod)

War of Desire (Spa Mod)

Gong III - Gong Suo Lian (Spa Mod)

A Game About Love (Spa Mod)

Love Yunge From The Desert (Moderator)

Suo Meng Lou (Spa Mod)

A Dream of Red Mansions (Eng Mod)

We Love You, Mr. Jin (Moderator)

Sun After the Rain (Moderator)

Heart of Stone (Spa Mod)

Love & Life & Lie-Completed (Spa Mod)

The Story of a Woodcutter and His Fox Wife (Moderator)

Singing All Along-Completed (Spa Mod)

Beloved Loyal Wife-Completed (Moderator)

Ka Badin (Moderator)

The Little Fairy-Completed  (Moderator)

Pin Anong (Moderator)

Stand In (Moderator)

Legend of Mermaid (Moderator)

Gentle Mercy (Moderator)

Letter 1949 (Moderator)

The Rebel (2007)-Completed (Spa Mod)

Lao Wedding (Moderator)

Two Worlds of Love (Moderator)

Empresses in the Palace-Completed (Moderator)

Warm Love and War of Male (Moderator)

Detective Tang Lang (Spa Mod)

The Tiger Blade-Completed (Spa Mod)

Please Forgive Me (Moderator)

33 Minutes of Heartbreak (Spa Mod)

The Next Stop  (Spa Mod)

Soldier (Spa Mod)

Clothing the World  (Spa Mod)

Chinese Paladin 5 - Clouds of the World-Completed  (Moderator)

Xuan Yuan Sword - Rift of the Sky (Moderator)

Shangri-la (Moderator)

Flying With You (Moderator)

Stage of Youth (Moderator)

My Mom and My Mother in Law-Completed (Eng Mod)

Other Half of Me  (Spa Mod)

I Miss You 200%-Completed (Spa Mod)

Love Bird  (Moderator)

Secret love (Moderator)

Express Boy (Moderator)

Early Marriage Effect (Spa Mod)

Pashmina Aisha (Spa Mod)

Moonlight Resonance (Spa Mod)





Da Tang Nu Jiang Fan Li Hua

Gone With the Wind (Luan Shi Jia Ren)-Completed

Scent of Coriander-Completed

Female Prime Minister-Completed

Broken Promise-Completed

Painted Skin-Completed 

Never Give Up, Dodo-Completed

Just You-Completed

Wild Cat-Completed

Old Days in Shanghai

The Legend of Zhen Huan-Completed

The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber-2003-Completed

Lan Ling Wang-Completed

Arrows On The Bowstring-Completed

Bitter Coffee

World's Finest (Tian Xia Di Yi)

Legend of the Military Seal

Beauties Without Tears

Clothing the World

The Patriot Yue Fei

Dandelion Love-Completed

The Queen of Sop 2

Love Forward-Completed

Hot Mom

I'm Pregnant With Your Baby-Completed

Sound of the Desert (Da Mo Yao)-Completed

Detectives and Doctors

Immortal Sword Hero

Ti Amo Chocolate-Completed

Painted Skin II-Completed

Mughal- E- Azam 1960-Completed

A Happy Life

Incisive Great Teacher

Ballad of the Desert

Beauty at the Crossfires

Love Stories From Fukuoka-Completed

Teacher Gangstar

The Mu Saga

The Happy Times of That Year - Completed

100 % Senorita - Completed

Who Knows the Female of the Women-Completed

Sunshine Ahead-Completed

Gakudori Young Drifters-Completed

Loving Never Forgetting-Completed

Dr. Professor's Thesis of Evil-Completed

Roy Fun Tawan Deud (Rising Sun II)-Completed

Mr. Right Wanted-Completed


True Love Next Door Season 2

The Vertical Ray of the Sun-Completed

Xin Ming Shi Ye

Two Worlds of Love - Phope Rak-Completed

The Journey of Flower

No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35-completed

I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper-completed

The Revenge Therapy Company

Nirvana in Fire- Lang Ya Bang-Completed 

Metro of Love

Express Boy


 Painter of the Wind-Completed 

Great Expectation-Completed   

Seong Chun Hyang-Completed

Symphony of Fate-Completed

Invincible  Lee Pyung Kang-Completed 

Perfect Couple - Jin Yu Liang Yuan

Black Jack 21

Monsoon Wedding-Completed 


The Four-Completed

Lady Maid Maid

The Myth

Perfect Girl-Completed

La Lingerie-Completed






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