I've been watching Viki grow since their beginning, and have contributed for years.  However, after many years of consistent disappointment with their business ethics, I have decided not to give my support to this site anymore.  Viki had never created their site for their users.  They never consider the people who will actually be using their site.  They chose, time after time, to use their viewers as test dummies for their experiments.  Normal websites create a beta site and test it for problems.  Good websites try to finish the whole site before releasing it, and try to make sure they aren't missing any important features before forcing it on their viewers.  However, Viki cares more about innovation and will gladly give it's viewers unfinished programs just so that they can say they released the new site.  They do not pay their contributors, they don't try to understand the work that their contributors do, and then they expect us to work like slaves for their subtitles.

Each and every time they introduce a new "viikii", they end up losing everything that keeps their viewers and contributors on their site because they never try to find out our needs.

Instead of treasuring their most loyal contributors, they entice new viewers to become QCs with promises of free stuff so that they do not have to give any thought to the needs of their volunteers.  I've said over and over that the contributors need technical support more than anything, but they don't really understand.

Each website that they make, and each new feature is more and more complicated then the last.  They say it is "faster", but it is far from fast.  They remove the basic programs that we use to subtitle and then expect us to just relearn everything. 

Well, after years of the same BS, it's time for me to say goodbye.