Hello There Viki Users and ETC.? I am a person who enjoys any type of drama/lakorns. I have a youtube user which i make my recommendations of my current and other favorite dramas or fanmade MVs. I hope you guys will check it out! Here is the link to it:
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Korean dramas I am Currently watching:

Warrior Baek Dong Soo-- URGH, i need to catch up!!!

Taiwanese Dramas I am Currently Watching:


Thai Lakorns I am Currently Watching:

Koo Kaen Saen Ruk-Chakrit and Aum

Game Rai Game Rak- Nadech & Yaya
Ruk Pathiharn - Kim, Mart, Mint, Alex

Korean Dramas I am waiting for:

Dream High Second Season
Faith- Kim Hee Sun & Lee Phillip
Padam Padam
Love Ride (jang geun seok)

Taiwanese Dramas I am waiting for:
Absolute Boyfriend- Goo Hye Sun & Jiro Wang
Skip Beat !/Extravagant Challenge- Ivy Chen, Choi Si Won, & Donghae

Thai Lakorns I am waiting for:
Raeng Ruk- Cherry and Ken theeradeth
Satroo Saneha - Cherry and Ken Theeradeth
Majurat See Nam Pueng - Ann and Ken T.
Plerng Boon (The Fire Of Virtue) - Cherry, Rome, And Aff
Rak Ork Akard ( Love on Air) - Aom Akkaphan and Cherry
Raeng Ngao- ? and Janie
3 golden guys- Boy P., Marie, Kimberly, Mark Prin, Kane P., Toey.

MY Favorite Actors:

MY Favorite Actresses:

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