Hello everyone. It's been a couple months since I last visited. I know I had troubles logging in and I still do. I can o ly contact everyone like this on an IPad. Once I fix my computer ill take responsibility for each and every channel I'm in charge of. I'm sorry to leave unannounced. However a lot of thing have been happening in my life and I had no time to live up to Viki. When I first joined Viki was the fun site where everyone would come together as a community to sub dramas and bring a better experience to everyone around the world. However as I got into the work, I realized that there was so much work, Viki no longer became a fun experience for me. It became like a job I had to live up to everyday. I couldn't take the stress anymore because I always felt like I was letting everyone down and I hated that feeling. I became more relaxed and collected during these past few months. I graduated, I went on trips, etc etc. I needed time outside and wpaway from here. Now that school is over and high school is around the corner, Viki will no longer be an option to be apart of. I have my future ahead of me, and I need to focus on that only. I love Viki and everyone in it because everyone is so dedicated and hard working... I can't keep up sometimes well... Most of the time! I love you all and I love all the dramas. Viki has progressed so much and improved in numerous ways... I'm proud to have been part of this community. I can tell this site has become more popular and gained a lot of attention, and I guarantee Viki will only succeed more! The months I've been with viki really enhanced my French speaking and grammar. Viki has inspired me to pursue other languages. I'm currently learning mandarin because I was a French subber or segmenter for a lot of Chinese channels. I just want to say sorry for my unannounced absence here. My reasons aren't good enough to explain to everyone but I hope you all understand. I will come back frequently to reply to those messages...... (There's a lot of them xD) I will take responsibility as well. Ill be on every other day to organize things, since I can't access the site on a computer it'll be even more difficult on an iPad or my phone. Once all channels are organized and taken care of, this account will be deleted for good. 


Foe those who've read my stories, thanks for all your support! I wrote a novel these past months and my stories are at a hihgher level now. I didn't really complete a novel, but my screen play turned out well. First novel was when I was 11. Too lazy to write a whole thing now xDD 


I will only be working on airing dramas. When Summer break comes, I will be working on dramas that I've left behind in the past, that way it'll be easier to sort everything out. Any complaints or suggestions to my plan, feel free to tell me, because I need any advice I could get right now! ^.^ Thanks :)

Status: Not taking anymore projects, starting 19/01/13
RL Status: Upset and trying to be calm

Note to All contributors and fellow co managers who come across my profile!
Reality is a tough life (obviously). I'm not one of those people who have time for Viki every single day of my life. I have school and grades to worry about, and Viki would be something on the last of my list. So please understand and be patient with me. I'm trying my best, so give me a break and don't turn back on me, when I really need people to support me the most. I'm sure I'm not the only one whose dealing with the same situations here, and I bet that's why people leave Viki. So, thanks for being patient with me, and to those around Viki. Keep fighting!!!! ^^

Thanks for understanding!

You are worth waiting for. Who is she? Who is he? It takes patience and passion to find the one you want to be with for the rest of your life. Just remember you are worth waiting for, and whoever out there is waiting for you, already pursued your heart.

I'm only available to contribute on the weekeneds, on weekdays it will be really rare, but I will check everyday on here to check my inbox and manage my channels and check up on my contributors for the channels I'm managing and moderating.

Please excuse any of these disturbences.

My Segmenter101 Training Program Progress Chart
Tutor/Mentor: Amitiara


No.PV and RPV LinksDate AccessDate CompletedStatus Progress Remarks1.PV15
4 2012
4 2012
Pass (November 7 2012) *MC*2.N/AN/AN/AN/A3.RPV 1
10 2012November
11 2012Pass4.RPV2
12 2012December ? 2012Pass 23/12/125.RPV3
http://www.viki.com/channels/5610-get-married-3/videos/58172/parts/201366/subbing?start_time=0December 23 2012December 27 2012Correcting
AR= Awaiting Review
MC=Made Corrections


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