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  • Reviews - Princess Hours


    I have strongly mixed feelings about this drama. I watched it for the first time almost ten years ago, as a high-schooler, and I remember absolutely loving it. However now, as an adult, I'm not so sure anymore. There are cute and comedic moments in this drama, and the idea of a modern-time Korean monarchy is intriguing. The lead couple finds themselves under unfortunate circumstances, and both go through love triangles. Yet no matter what goes on in a person's life, it is not, under any circumstances, an excuse for some of the behaviors that go on in the drama: the female lead's requests are constantly being ignored and glossed over (no seriously means no!); she is grabbed and man-handled every single time; she is emotionally manipulated and the list goes on. I had a really hard time watching this drama a second time around. I honestly did not remember it that way. Many things here are simply NOT okay, and should not be viewed as anything remotely romantic, even if it's what we've been raised to believe.

  • Reviews - Coffee & Vanilla


    Sakurada Dori is hot, hot, hot. These are basically reasons one to ten of why I watched this drama. Risa is characterized as way over the top naive, gullible and sometimes downright stupid. They said she's from the countryside, but no one can be this clueless, honestly. She is assaulted *at least* five times, including once by her precious boyfriend who ignores her very clear "stop". (Please bare in mind that while we, the audience, are privy to her inner thoughts, he is not, making this an assault). She becomes someone's girlfriend after about 30 minutes of conscious (barely) reasonable thinking, and then sleeps with him after he ghosts her for a week. Reality check aside, the skinship is steamy, considering Asian dramas in general. The male lead (previously mentioned Dori McSteamy) is piping hot, and the dominant male lead trope is very appealing if you like it. All in all, it was a fun few hours, so long as I've checked my feminism and rationality at the door.

  • sansho


    I'm not sure how many times I've watched this drama already, but it's amazing each and every time. EVERYTHING works well here, and is very believable. The chemistry between the main couple is very much real and super-hot (although I was really sad to learn, albeit super late, that they have broken up a long while ago). Watch it! The time jumps are well done, the butterfly effect is present in the drama and nothing is solved Deus ex machina. Everything is explained perfectly well. Why are you still here?! Go watch it!