Hi there.....

Nice to meet you wink


I like watching various kind of movies or drama from many countries, among other: Indonesian, Korean, Japan, Taiwan, American, European, Thai, and Indian.

My favourite genres is romantic, comedy, mystery (problems solving cases not the horror ones), thriller and family.

.Currently watch:
Sat-Sun = 

~ Father is Strange


Mon-Tues = 

~ The King in Love (Wang Rin bias)

~ The Bride of Water God 2017 (still following but I have a great crush with Secretary Min and Jaya, hope the ship is sailing)


Wed-Thurs =

~ Reunited World (This period I have severe 2nd lead syndrom together with the King in Love) 

~ Ms Kanna (I love Ms Kanna bubbly personality and how can I not love Leon?)

The Perfect Match

True Love Next Door 

I have blog too, please check out if you like spoiler from movies or drama hehehe