Hi guys! 

I'm a subtitler from Germany and very interested in Asian dramas and especially in Korean stuff.

My other hobbies (besides translating) are for example singing, dancing, cooking and also drawing. I'd really like to travel to Asia someday, so I'm trying to do my best so I can fulfill my dream...

Hopefully I can also translate as many dramas as possible for you guys so you'll have fun while watching dramas with subtitles in your native language. heart


Completed dramas:

  • Bride Of The Water God (Korean)
  • Queen For Seven Days (Korean)
  • Suspicious Partner (Korean)
  • The K2 (Korean)


Completed movies:

  • The King (Korean)


Current projects:

  • Because This Is My First Life (Korean)
  • Into The World Again (Korean)
  • The Guardians (Korean)
  • The King's Woman (Chinese)
  • The Masked Lover (Taiwanese)​​