laughHi!!! I'Alice and I'm 37!!!!!😄😄😄 I'm Italin ,but I live in Germany since 2001!!!!!!!I'm a big drama fan, and my fav actor is Jang Geun Suk!!!😍😍😍😍

I am, also a member of the Salty Kisses Shojo Scan!!!!!  I also love to read Manga, manhua, ecc....       Nice to meet you all!!! Let's work together!!!!!  \(^o^)/

Ongoing Projects:


- May Queen

- The Cage of Love

- The Legend of Qin

- Back to 1989

- Vampire Detective

- The Lost Tomb

- My Lucky Star

-Youth Power

- Express Boy

- The Adventure of Love

-Wild Chives and Soy Bean soup

-Fabolous 30

-In Between

-Heaven's Wedding Gowl

- Childless Comfort

- Love or Spend

- Sanlih Drama Awards 2015 Ceremony

- True Love Next Door 2

- Full House Thai

- One Fine Day

- The Classics of Mountains and Seas

- A Love to Kill

- Awesome


Finished Projects


- Moorim School

- Sanlih Drama Awards Ceremony 2015 

- The Servant

- To me Love

- Lady Girls

- Old Goodbye

- My Little Lover: Minami-kun no Koibito

- Whatcha Wearin'?

- Beethoven Virus

- I am sorry, I love you                                                                             

- Heard it through the grapewine

- When I See You Again

- Mrs Cop

- Koinaka

- The Crossing Hero

 - Scholar Who Walks the Night

- Calling for love

- 7000 Days

-Dream High 2

- midnight's Girl

- Someone like you

- My Little Sister's Lover (From English to Italian)

- Angry Mum

-Fabulous Boys

- Hero 2

-High Society

- Innocent Lilies 2

- My Love Eun Dong

- Alice in Wonder City 

- Dragon Gate 

- You Are My Sisters

- A Werewolf Boy

- White Christmas

- The Flatterer



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