Hello! My name is Amy and I am from Canada. My favorite dramas include Whirlwind Girl 2WThe Masked Lover, and Suspicious Partner. I also have a strong passion for nutrition and Asian culture. I'm an avid segmenting volunteer here on Viki, NOT a Viki Staff Member. You can come and follow my footsteps here

If you need help with segmenting, Chinese to English subtitling, or designs, feel free to send me a message



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Ninja Academy - Channel Manager

My Golden Life - Chief Segmenter

Bravo My New Life - Chief Segmenter

When A Woman Chases A Man - Chief Segmenter

Sister is Alive - Segmenter

Money Bouquet - Chief Segmenter

Bad Thief, Good Thief - Segmenter

The Deer and the Cauldron - Segmenter

You Are Too Much - Segmenter





Past Projects (In Alphabetical Order): CLICK HERE!!!

2015 Taipei 101 New Year's Eve Countdown
A Dream of Red Mansions
A Little Love Never Hurts
A New Leaf
A Witch's Romance
A Word From Warm Heart
Across the Ocean to See You
All About My Mom
Angry Mom
Angel Eyes
Angel 'n' Devil
Apple In Your Eye
April Star
Asuka High School March!
Attack it, Lightning!
Ben 10 Special: Secret of the Omnitrix
Be With You
Beautiful Man
Beautiful Mind
Because It's The First Time
Because of Meeting You
Before and After: Plastic Surgery Clinic
Bells of Coronado
Ben 10 Season 1
Better Man
Beyond the Clouds
Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Big Man
Bing Goo
Birth of a Beauty
Bride of the Water God
Bruce Lee Secret
Broken Promises
Bull Fighting
BUNGO - Nihon Bungaku Cinema-
Burning Flame I
Burning Flame II
Candle in the Tomb
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Cheese in the Trap
Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World
Constellation Women Series - Aries Woman
Constellation Women Series - Leo Woman
Constellation Women Series - Pisces Woman
Cruel Palace - War of Flowers
Cunning Single Lady
Dandelion Family
Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim
Dear Mom
Detective Anonymous
Detective Investigation Files
Detriot Metal City Animated Version
Divorce Lawyer In Love
Doctors' Affairs
Doctor Stranger
Don't Dare to Dream (Jealousy Incarnate)
Dragon Gate
Drama Highlight Clips
Eat Your Kimchi
Elite Brigade F.S.D.
Emergency Couple
Endless Love (China)
Endless Love (Korea)
Engagement for Love
Entertainment Show Clips
Eva Luna
Ex-Girlfriend Club
Ex-Girlfriend Club Highlights
Fabulous 30
Fabulous Boys
Fall In Love With Me
Family Is Coming
Family Secrets Highlights
Far Away Love
Fated to Love You (Korea)
Forensic Heroes I
General Therapy 2
Girl in Blue
Glamourous Temptation
Glorious Day
God's Love - 14 Days
God's Quiz 4
Goddess of Marriage
Gogh, The Starry Night
Golden Cross
Golden Rainbow
Good Doctor
Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team
Hacienda Heights
Half A Fairy Tale
Happy 300 Days
Happy Noodle
Healing Hands I
Heart of Greed
Hidden Identity
High Society
History of the Salaryman
Honey and Clover
Hope For Dating
Hotel King
Hyde Jekyll, Me
I Am Legend
I Am Sorry, I Love You
I'm So Smart
I Do 2
I Have a Lover
I Need Romance
I Order You
I Remember You
Ice Berg
In A Good Way
IT Champions
It's Okay That's Love
Jang Bo Ri Is Here
Jung Yi, the Goddess of Fire
Just for You
Just You
Kan Koo's Story
KARA: Secret Love
Kid Gang
Kill Me, Heal Me
King of High School
KO One
K-Pop Star Season 4
La Dolce Vita
Lady Maid Maid
Laurel Tree Tailors
Let's Eat Season 1
Let's Eat Season 2
Live In Style
Lives of Omission
Lonely Gourmet - Taipei
Lovestore at the Corner
Love Actually 2017
Love Again
Love Around
Love Cheque Charge
Love Contract
Love Cuisine
Love Family
Love For All The Moments
Love Myself or You
Love, Now
Love's Relativity
Love & Secret
Love or Spend
Lucky Days
Lucky Romance
Madly In Love
Marriage, Not Dating
Marry Me!
Marry Him If You Dare
Masked Prosecutor
Medical Top Team
Men With No Shadows
Midnight Diner
Miss Korea
Missing Noir M
Modern Farmer
Moonlight Resonance
Moon Hee
Moon River Love Charm
Mrs. Cop
Mr. Fighting
My Best Ex-Boyfriend
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
My Little Baby
My Love Eun Dong
My Love From the Star
My Lucky Star
My Heart Twinkle Twinkle
My Sassy Girl
My Secret Hotel
My Sweet, Fat Valentina
My Unfortunate Boyfriend
Neighborhood Hero
Nightmare Teacher
Oh My Ghostess
Oh My Venus
Once Upon a Love
One Sunny Day
Our Gap Soon
Our Romance
Other Half of Me
Pablo Escobar, The Druglord
Perfect 10
Pops In Seoul
Precious Youth
Prince of Wolf
Prince's Prince
Prince William
Princess Stand In
Queen for Seven Days
Queen Insoo
Rainbow Family Season 1
Real Men 2 Highlights
Reply 1988
Reply 1994
Rock 'n' Road
Rosy Lovers
Running Man
Saimdang, Light's Diary
Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident
Scarlet Heart
Scarlet Heart 2
School 2017
Second Life
Second to Last Love
Secret Door
Secret Love Affair
Sendai Iroha Zoukangou
Seonam Girls' High School Investigators
Sex and the City (China Version)
She's So Lovable
Shia Wa Se
Shopping King Louie
Showbiz Korea
Singing All Along
Sister Is Alive
Smiling Pasta
Solomon's Perjury
Soompi Awards
Splendid Politics
Squad 38
Square Pegs
Surplus Princess
Star King
Stay With Me
Sun After the Rain
Superhuman Generation Highlight
Survivor's Law I
Survivor's Law II
Suspicious Partner
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard
Swimming Battle
Tatyana's Day
Team Astro
Three Days
Tie the Knot
Tiger Cubs
The Accidental Death of Joey by Sue
The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 1
The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 3
The Adventures of Robin Hood Season 4
The Bedside Detective
The Blade and Petal
The Bride
The Crossing Hero
The Cycling Genius is Coming!
The Dinner Date
The Eternal Love
The Family Doctor
The First Half of My Life
The Flatterer
The Flavor of Love
The Flower in Prison
The Firmament of the Pleiades
The Gril Adventures of Billy and Mandy Season 4
The Imprisoned Love
The Investigation Game
The Investiture of the Gods
The K2
The King Loves
The Kitchen Musical
The Legend of the Blue Sea
The Legendary Witch
The Love Song
The Merchant: Gaekju 2015
The Neighborhood
The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion
The New World
The Night Watchman
The Phantom of the Opera
The Purple House (The House)
The Reputable Family
The Rippling Blossom
The Seg 101 Express
The Suspicious Housemaid
The Talisman
The Tiger Blade
The Time I've Loved You
The Village: Achiara's Secret
The Vulture
The Witch
The Woman Who Married Three Times
Think Before You Marry
Tohai I
Tokyo Zombie
Tonari No Kai
Triumph In the Skies
Trot Lovers
True Love Next Door Season 1
Two Fathers
Two Weeks
Unkind Women
V Love
Valid Love
Vampire Detective
Viki ID
Viki U
War and Beauty
Wednesday 3:30 PM
We Got Married
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
We Love You, Mr. Jin
What Happens to My Family?
When Heaven Burns
When It's at Night
Whirlwind Girl 2
Who Are You: School 2015
Wine Beauty
Witness Insecurity
Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Kum
Wonderful Days
Xuan Yuan Sword - Rift of the Sky
Yes, Sir. Sorry Sir!
Young Sherlock
You Are The Chef
You're All Surrounded
Youth Power
Yoo Na's Street
Yong Pal
Zhong Wu Yan