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    Mr Swimmer

    EN 100% China
    Episode 30
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    General and I

    EN 100% China
    Episode 18
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    Hotel Del Luna

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 11
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  • animarina_677


    I am in love! Not just with the drama, but also with the lead actors. For me one of the best Chinese dramas I've seen so far. The lead male character is amazing in his acting style, you can feel his deep passion in every second of the drama. His ability to change from one expression to another is great. Especially in the last scene when Xiafeng's body was taken away and he is crying out for her. It hit me right in my heart. The whole character has to suffer so much during this drama, he is so misunderstood, uninformed and only tries to protect her with almost every breath he takes. Well, in the end it seems like he's the "bad guy"... but not for me. I was so much into this drama, my heart was aching for several days when I finished it. Xiaofeng, who tries to do the right thing but also struggling with her feelings for her family, her country, Li Chengji ... is a very disrupted character. I know she thought, her death had to be the last step ... but, well, there could have been other ways although so much has happened during the time. The chemistry between the two was great. Especially his gaze, when he was looking at her... I was in love. And the OST ... my god, I am listening to it all day long. You see... can't say more than - I am in love!

  • Reviews - Rooftop Prince


    I gave this Drama 8 stars, but don't get me wrong. It's a funny and amusing Drama with absolutely adorable cast! I loved especially the first 5-6 episodes when the 4 male casts were sent into the future and how they adjusted themselves. Afterwards, the dramatic part of the Drama took (more or less) over which was interesting and nice, but I would have loved to have more of the funny guys. Han Ji Min (female main cast) was good, but unfortunately her character was sometimes just naive and dump, which led to some exhausting and annoying moments/sequences. I like couples which argue a lot but then fall for each other, but here sometimes it was just annoying. On the other hand, I loved the plot twists which were really good. For me personally, the feelings between the actors could have been a bit more obvious (kissing scenes were not really something to languish for), but I loved the little smiles from Park Yoochun. He has an awesome smile! The ending is one of the first which I really liked at a Drama... Not the wedding, as it seems this is something the Koreans think has to be part of any KDrama (not for westerners though) ... but the fact, that it's not a real happy end. Best ending they could have found ... in my opinion.

  • Reviews - Juror 8