True passion for chinese/taiwanese/korean/thai dramas 



Completed Projects as Channel Manager

The imprisoned love (ch)

Completed Projects as italian moderator

High Society (kr)

When I see you again (tw)

Bromance (tw)

Old goodbye (kr)

Sweet family (kr)

Ice Fantasy (ch)

Page turner (kr)

Fiftneen years of waiting for migratory birds (ch)

One fine day (kr)

Moonlight drawn by clouds (kr)

My amazing boyfriend (ch)

Shuttle Love Millennium (ch)

Magic Cellphone (kr)

Into the New World (kr)

Princess Agents (cn)

Completed Projects as subtitler/editor for italian language

Shine of go crazy (kr) (subtiler)

Falling for innocence (kr) (subtitler)

Producer (kr) (subtitler)

Yong Pal (kr) (subtitler)

 I'm sorry, I love you - (tw) (subtitler)

Sassy Go Go (kr) (subtitler)

Whatcha wearing? (kr) (subtitler)

Oh my Venus (kr) (subtitler)

Six Flying Dragons (kr) (subtitler)

Descendant of the sun (kr) (subtitler)

Jackpot (kr) (subtitler)

Romance Blue (kr) (editor for italian language)

School's beauty personal bodyguard (tw) (editor for italian language)

Prince of wolf (tw) (subtitler)

Behind your smile (tw) (editor for italian language)

Goblin (kr) (editor for italian language)

The king of romance (tw) (subtitiler)

Saimndamg, Light's Diary (kr) (subtitler)

The King's Love (kr) (subtitler)

Queen fo seven days (kr) (subtitiler)

The King (kr) (subtiler)

Melo Holic (kr) (subtitler)

Hwayugi (kr) (subtitler)


Currently working on

Close my eyes (kr) (italian moderator and editor for italian language)

Single Wife (kr) (italian moderator and Chief italian editor)

Untouchable lovers (ch) (italian moderator and editor for italian language) 


Up-coming projects (as Channel Manager)

Color of Night (ch) (not licensed yet)


Up-coming projects (as italian moderator)

Hai Tang's Rouge Shines Through in the Rain (ch) (not licensed yet)

Meteor Garden - 2018 Remake (ch) (not licensed yet)

Were winter is warm, where summer is cool (ch) (not licensed yet)

Devilish Joy (kr) (not licensed yet)

Re-working on

Scarlet Heart (ch) (italian moderator and chief editor for italian language)

Soon restart working on

The Classic of Mountains and seas (ch)