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  • Reviews - Chicago Typewriter


    What an amazing and well written script! A beautiful & heartwarming story about friendship and heartbreak. Also so upset Korean people slept on this drama. Why do don't they give such amazing scripts a chance? Still bitter Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Tomorrow With You flopped too. At this rate writers will stop experimenting and stick to boring safe formulas with their stories and churn out same old dramas with typical storylines. Just sad. I'm glad international fans liked and all the reviews on viki are tens. This was such a special drama ♥ ♥ ♥ The ending was so sad #heartbroken.

  • Reviews - Cheese In The Trap


    Not read the manga or the webtoon but I was really excited to watch this, it was really hyped last year. Honestly I wasn't sure if I would like it. But I loved it, not the best drama ever but it's special in its own way. It has that typical calm bright Kdrama feel to it, the story was different to other typical series and I loved the character development and big casts dramas are always special. Not to say I wasn't creeped out the main lead was potentially a sociopath but I'm glad it worked out at the end. And omg Seo Kang Joon was the only reason I started this and stayed till the end. In the middle I was kinda mad the writers gave him the least happy ending like he suffered throughout, he was screwed with in every way, unfair. #justiceforinho #secondleadsyndrome. I hope Seo Kang Joon gets more main lead roles in the future cos he stole the show in this drama. Now the ending, everyone is so disappointed I get it, it didn't conclude the main couple relationship and sort of ended abruptly but I guess it's refreshing to see a different ending for once. Like i know its a Kdrama it has to have a happy ending or even any ending and this was sort of incomplete but oh well. I'm just curious how the manga ends maybe I'll read it.

  • Reviews - She's So Lovable


    Rain Myungsoo Krystal Thats all i need ㅋㅋㅋ Perfect cast 💕💕💕 Except the ending 💔 #secondleadsyndrome im surprised the writers just didn't give into the knetizens they were all fighting over L.


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