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  • appleeye


    A pretty standard k-drama, but very sweet, and funny because of the kids. Not sure why the leading man suddenly starts to like his love interest after ignoring her for five(!) years. Is it perhaps the Sound of Music effect: when she's acting like Maria, a mother figure, she becomes attractive?

  • Reviews - The Greatest Love


    Glad I've watched this romcom. It was sunny, warm and funny, full of likeable characters, no one was really dark or shady. The main theme is about how to stay true to yourself when you are a star and how to cope with stardom problems. I could have easily missed the subplot about the heart disease of Dok Go Jin, that was a bit too cheesy imo. Nevertheless: well done.

  • Reviews - Beyond the Clouds


    Great drama, well written, almost every single character is fleshed out. I was hooked till the end.


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