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Hi! I am from the Midwest of the United States. I have no Korean blood in me at all (as far as I know). It's been about 8 years now that I've been self-teaching myself Korean. I understand Korean if it is slowly said/repeated.  I have been a Viki volunteer ever since 2013. I apologize if I mispell in my emails. I send emails from my phone and my phone corrects it before I realize it. 
On Viki, I...
 Manage Channels
 Sub Korean-English on TV shows
 Design Pages and Make Cards
My favorite dramas...
1. Goblin [2016-2017]
A drama that follows a goblin, who has been living for 939 years. He has a sword stuck in him and has to find the goblin's wife to take it out to become not immortal anymore.
2. Bridal Mask [2012]
A drama that takes place in the 1930's during the Japanese colonial era in South Korea.
3. Age of Youth [2016]
The story revolves around five roommates. [And there is a second season coming soon! Yay!]
4. Reply 1988 [2016]
A drama that takes place in 1988 about a neighborhood.
5. D-Day [2015]
This drama takes place after a earthquake hits South Korea. The story mainly focuses on the doctors and firefighters.


 Father is Strange [Korean-English Subber, Segmenter]
 Sister Is Alive [English Subber, Card Designer]
 Tunnel [English Subber]
 Suspicious Partner [Manager]
 My Only Love Song [Page Designer]
 Girls' War [Page Designer]
 Will You Be There? [Page Designer]
 The Package [Page & Card Designer]
 Seven Day Queen [Card Designer]
 Lookout [Card Designer]
[as of Dec. 2016]
 Naked Firemen [Page & Card Designer]
 The Defendant [Page & Card Designer]
 Romantic Dr Kim [French Page Designer]
 King Of Romance [Page Designer]
 Hwarang [Card Designer]
 Drinking Solo [Page Designer]
 Binggoo [Manager, French Page Designer]
 Whisper [Page Designer]
 Duet Song Festival [Page Designer]
 Saimdang [Page Designer]
 Tunnel [Page Designer]
 Sister is Alive [Page Designer]
 Our Gap Soon [Korean-English Subber]
 Strong Woman Do Bong Soon [Segmenter]



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