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  • Reviews - Dr. Romantic


    Although I'm not even near the currently airing episode, this drama always makes me want to quit whatever I'm doing to watch it. One thing why I love this drama is because it actually shows you the doctors' feelings and the acting is SO good and realistic. The sad scenes always make me cry and actually feel the characters. This drama was even praised by real-life doctors for their accuracy.

  • Reviews - Fight My Way


    Great and funny drama. The couples are adorable and realistic. I also love Choi Ae Ra's character. Disappointed at the rushed ending [esp. with Ae Ra & her mom's story] I did not like how the second couple ended up together. I know it sounds harsh, but I honestly liked how Seol was so independent after the break up. I thought the writers were aiming at the message to find and love your true self, but they just made them go back to each other, unfortunately :(

  • Reviews - The Guardian


    LOVED this drama! Loved how all the main characters had their own stories, including the trackers. I loved the strong female lead too and KIM YOUNG KWANG. However, I'm sad at the ending :( So many things left---did Si Wan go to jail or did he die? Did KYK really die? What's with that one detective digging up about the tracker couple? I just hope there is a season two!