Hi! I'm Andréa, nice to meet you.heart

I'm a amateur Brazilian writer.

If you need some help, send me a message wink I'd love to help with whatever I can do.


Working On

  • Stay With Me
  • The Four
  • The Legendary Tycoon [PT Review]
  • Iron Ladies {PT Moderator}
  • Jugglers
  • Money Flower [PT Review]
  • See you in time.


  • Scent Of A Woman
  • The Masked Lover
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  • The Legend of The Blue Sea
  • Our Gap Soon
  • Pretty Li Hui Zhen
  • Hwarang
  • Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  • Laurel Tree Tailors
  • We Love You, Mr Jin
  • iPartment Season 3
  • Healing Master
  • Love Actually {PT Moderator}
  • It's Okay Because I'm A Mom
  • The First Half Of My Life
  • Love, Just Come [PT Review]
  • Bad Thief, Good Thief

Portuguese, Spanish and English  only.




All the love as usual A xxxsmiley