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  • Reviews - My Mister


    this drama is like a blanket with which to cover oneself on winter days. in the last two years I have seen more than fifty dramas, hundreds of TV series, but these sixteen hours are among the most sincere and moving that have ever been given to me. because this drama was in the end as a gift. it is beautifully written, incredibly recited by all its protagonists, none excluded. the poetry of these lives, reminiscent of the autumn leaves that are about to fall, is sad, moving, sometimes painful, but after all only beautiful. I write this review to say thank you, for bringing me this warmth, these stories too. watch it, in the dark periods, when in your days walking alone along known roads, it will be for you I hope, as it was for me, a liberating cry, a warm smile, a meeting that marks the way.

  • bene_muratori_305


    Sweet like candy and high storyline potential. First of all the soundtrack is already on my phone from the first episode, beautiful. I can't give 10 because although the story is nice and the actors good (In Soo is wonderful), but the plot is so undeveloped that in the end I felt like I was seeing a trailer rather than a series. I want more !! I really appreciate all the new bl titles that are coming out in Korea, even if they are often rookies I find them better than most of the new Thai ones. I just hope that soon we will be able to enjoy some episodes a little longer, in short, I can't wait for a real Kdrama bl. can you imagine it? keep it up for now! fighting! A must see for having a few heart-shaped eyes in almost an hour. The effect is like a cup of hot milk on a cold night.

  • Reviews - My Lovely Girl


    So, this is my review. this is an ok drama. not to much effort to see, for the moments when you want to see something classic without too many surprises. The plot we have seen many times, but sometimes it is comforting to know how things will go. worthy of credit, however, Rain, thumbs up for his interpretation which is the most convincing thing of all. There are two problems here, and that's why i gave an 8: 1. at the beginning the drama is also compelling, the story evolves well, the characters as well, but towards the tenth episode it starts to shipwreck and folds in on itself. the same situation is repeated, the misunderstandings are the same and so on for the remaining six episodes. don't get me wrong, you enjoy watching it but boredom is always around the corner. moreover, the end is really too hasty, here it goes on for six episodes and then in 10 minutes everything is resolved, not satisfying. 2. I have a problem with all secondary characters. in short, we cannot expect that someone is obliged to love us just because we do it, and everyone suffers from this mental form. there is no development, and even those that could be better developed remain there unexploited, in the end they are only a side dish. to watch to plug the gaps in time, or when you need not to have too many surprises, or you feel in the mood for classics, sometimes really reassuring.