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  • Fist and Furious

    Fist and Furious

    EN 99% Korea
    Fist and Furious
    Updated 6 days ago
  • Sm:)e


    EN 100% Mainland China
    Episode 1
    Updated 14 days ago
  • Melting Me Softly

    Melting Me Softly

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 16
    Updated 30 days ago

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  • Reviews - Your Honor


    This drama was fine but nothing special. I think the resolution between the two brothers was neglected too much. I also did not really care about everyone. I really had to get used to the facial expression of Yoon Shi Yoon and I think he sometimes overdone it. All in all, I think this is a drama you don't have to see.

  • betweenstories


    I loved this show. The story was so heart-warming and the leads had amazing chemistry. But most of all, the love story was perfect.

  • betweenstories


    The first K-Drama I every watched so I think this will forever be a special one for me. I really loved this but looking back at it, I decided to give it a 9 instead of an initial all loving 10. It's a really great drama because the main leads have undeniably chemistry and also the side characters are a great addition. I sometimes got a bit "bored" by the main characters being so hunted by the past but after this was resolved I enjoyed the drama even more.