Hello, I got in a car accident about two years ago and i didn't have insurance, i was found at fault and now im getting sued for $20,000 by the other driver's insurance company, The original amount was $17,000, They have been trying to collect for a longgg time now. I know i blew it off for a long time but now im ready to take responsibility and start trying to pay it. The car i was driving was under my moms name and they are trying to go after her also but i want to take full responsibility. I have to go to court next month, and im wondering if I should get a lawyer to represent me even though i'm guilty. I'm hoping that I can make a payment plan or anything I need to get my life back on track

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Just how much is car insurance?
Im 16 and thinking of buying an automobile and that I want to know how much I'm goin to have to pay for insurance.

I have geico automobile insurance.I moved to a different state and got I must supply geico wi?
Fresh insurance carrier name and data or simply purported to end my coverage.

Have a lot of car insurance inquiries?
hello had a vehicle accident i am not in mistake my medical bill are nearly $100K the other party insurance take its fault in the accident plus it looks they have full coverage when the insurance I've will be the basic that handles $25K in medical charges so the other insurance tells me that there restriction is $25K-$50K how can it's possible that it simply includes $25K just like mine if she's full coverage and i do not?? Next issue. How can i make even the woman that struck me to show me the policy or the insurance??? Is there anyway I could push them?? I've an attorney focusing on the situation and he explained the insurance didn't allow them begin to see the coverage but and so I know that my lawyer or the insurance is lying I do want to learn and find out the plan. next concern in the crash I used to be truly destruction after 6 months I'm still planning to treatment I have proof of all my charges and doctors stories from all my illnesses in which I have deafness induced from your collision I had a head-injury and was hospitalized for 5 days the documents had said that it was really a critical crash including my attorney. Howmuch is fair to fight for suffering and pain, medical charges, reimbursement for hearing damage including seance of odor and preference, anything I have settled like supplements, taxis and more. don't need to take advantage in the incident but how much may I fight for?? Thankyou for addressing if you know but please remedy. this is extremely important for me."

"Could a 17-year old get medical care insurance while pregnant?"
My buddy only discovered she's pregnant today. She's no idea where-to get medical aid on her and also the child. She's only 17 18 til march she does not change. Where could she go-to get support?"

Could I get yourself a mortgage without any life-insurance?
Could I obtain a 75K mortgage with no life-insurance in britain? Can the mortgage company need to know who the insurance is with if-not? Can they matter NO life-insurance to a mortgage in 52's era?"

Insurance for 18-year old in cooper s with 12 months ncb?
Im 18 with one year no-claims, looking to purchase a Little Cooper s, everyone advise any insurance firms or had any prices or advice could be excellent thanksss:)"

How much does insurance cost for Top equipment?
I have to learn how much Top Gear must pay for there for operating fast vehicles etc. Or simply how much can Jeremy Clarksons Insurance be insurance? Wish you are able to help:)"

Howmuch would insurance price to get a 22 year old to be insured along with his mom?
Our mum has been operating for 24 years. The automobile I wish to be described as a driver that is secondary will be the Honda Jazz 2004 which is 1.3-Litre. How much is insurance seeking to cost around?

What is better solution for obtaining healthinsurance options?
I am confuse about where I ought to purchase medical insurance from organization or I should consult representative?

Insurance to get a motor bike or scooter?
Hey presently a student and there, Im 19 years-old. I'm buying a motorbike, but will probably purchase a scooter instead since its cheaper and better ride and to get used to. But the issue is, im uncertain insurance works on scooters together with of truly operating them, the legalities. Therefore where could I get my scooter covered, on average just how much would it not cost, do I need any licences or lessons, etc...? Help!"

Life insurance is needed by my partner but has diabeties?
My partner needs life insurance 000, about 50 but need obligations inexpensive obligations 40.00 monthly. Some don't get with diabeties although we been looking for some lifeinsurance. My husband doesnt take insulin. Hes running about 100 to 180 each month on glucose level. Any tips on lifeinsurance we should quilified!!!"

Where could I obtain the cheapest auto-insurance?
Im a 16 yearold guy who lives in new orleans. I have a 3.8 GPA, and my vehicle has a 5-star collision score (2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid). Where can i get inexpensive insurance?"

No proof insurance?
I have legitimate insurance, so I need my cards that confirm I am covered but my coverage was only restored. They're within the email I assume, but they won't get here in-time before I've to depart on a holiday. I can't-get to print my cards, but their website has been along for several nights although I tried to-go online and just produce the cards. Consequently my concern is: If for whatever reason I get taken over (not saying I have a reason to obtain pulled over) and that I do not have these cards, since I do have insurance does the good get ignored? Likewise, since I cant technically prove I've insurance-do they've to consider my menu?"

Changing insurance to van from car?
I have a multicar coverage with admiral right now. I have obtained a vw van to operate a vehicle for pleasure, not. I am changing it with all the vehicle and am promoting one of my vehicles while in the policy. November is run out in by the automobile insurance. What will I actually do? Can I need to spend more rather than get anything back. You can't have automobiles within the multicar policy!"

Auto Automobile and insurance payments?
I'm looking to buy small vehicle or a 4x4 vehicle of some sort which range from $ 3000 to $7000. I am aware this is a challenging issue to answer but when anyone will give some methods and rough estimates that would be good to me! Im 19 years old, I have 3 credit cards all payed on a cellphone agreement plus time. I've a 600 something credit history and that I am thinking just how much a vehicle fee could be with out a cosigner? Likewise what is up with insurance companies? They would like to demand me $300 to $400 dollars a month on any car year make without also examining my back round, or model regular... where I can get cheaper costs Is there some place? Any help is loved, cheers!"

That has the best car insurance thats the least expensive?
I would like the best (or even the not too best) car insurance that is perferably the lowest priced with an array of 100 to 160 dollars a month for a civil service employee

Where i can get quite cheapest motorcycle insurance?
I bay a bike and dad do not consent to provide some funds for my insurence

I am driving uninsured. We can not manage our automobile insurance. Is it nuts to travel outoftown?
Please settle an argument between my partner and I. We drive-in our area backandforth to work, and I'm ok with that. Because we have to attend an appointment I wish to rent a car today. It really is about 2 hours away, down a freeway covered with police. I think it's crazy to try to drivein our vehicle, uninsured. He does not need to spend the amount of money on a rental. It's a $5000 wonderful if we're trapped - plus I Would likely eliminate my career (cannot have a police report). How far would you not travel insured? I actually donot actually like operating around - far from to be able to afford insurance, but we are a few months. Ideas please."

Why are my auto insurance quotes so large (first car British)?
OK, I passed my examination the other day those have the cheapest insurance, and and so I've started at what automobiles to purchase, looking. I have tried lots of contrast sites that were different to obtain quotes & most of them are around 4,000! In my experience that is surprisingly superior for cars that are significantly less than 1,000... The vehicles that I Have had quotes for are Ford Fiestas, both 1.2L and Vauxhall Corsa's. A pal of mine insured a Tennis 1.6 for 900 that has been his first automobile, so I don't get my prices are so distinct, specifically as I'm looking at much cheaper vehicles. itis still round the 4,000 mark for whatever reason although I have also tried utilizing the websites that provide a telematics package that is supposed to be significantly cheaper. Is there any means I can have it cheaper without heading onto my parents insurance?"

Economical insurance policy to get a diabetic?
After I turned 19, im a diabetic recently dropped my AR Kids insurance... I would like a reasonable insurance policy that may address my prescription does anyone have any recommendations"

Motor Insurance?
Im Thinkin bout buyin a Toyota Starlet 1.3 GT Turbo, but im worried about the cost of my insurance, im 17, no penalty points, no prior convictions, Cud someone gimme a hard concept? Cheers"

What automobile insurance firm has got the best prices for youngsters?
I live in ontario florida if that aids and i drive a 95 caprice

USAA car insurance while used?
It is illegal in MA to own no car insurance. it costs $120 to get fresh dishes although I will consider my auto off the street. Does USAA have an alternative for insurance cheaper than the minimum helped by your state. How am I planning to get anyhow after I am stationed??? Cheers

Why is my auto insurance so superior at 18? How to obtain along it?
I've only handed my make sure discovered in a 1.4 diesel and I've a peugeot 206 1.4 hdi, I'd insurance price for 1800 a month ago and today they're stating its 3700 Idonot realize what's changed in per month what's the best way to obtain it down, Iam planning on my Nans coverage like a called driver and joining the automobile in her brand and its own still 3700! Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time"

Auto insurance for kids!?
Thus im 16 and also have my permit. Till i can take my license test I've to get 3 behind the wheels with an instructor. However when of course if i get my certificate could I be on my parents insurance easily do not live with him. Nothing will be paid by our mom for my insurance therefore easily want to get my permit I've to be on insurance and also the insurance I could get is by using my dad. Therefore does anyone know basically do not reside with him easily could be on my fathers insurance?"

Best answer: Try this site where you can compare quotes: http://insure-cheap.info

Am I covered under my parents motor insurance?
I got my Certificate recently and that I desire to travel my parents automobile, their car insurance covers me? I'm 16 yrs. old..."

She really wants to stop although our cousin insurance protecting my brother automobile?
Her insurance is being canceled by her for a lower-rate with a business that is new and he desires to possess the vehicle covered in his title. The vehicle is authorized in his name. How would they go about that? Can she say she desires to cover the car?

How can I check what is influencing my motor insurance prices?
Could there be considered a website to get this done? Why my auto insurance is really costly, I am striving to see. I've tested my insurance prices on gocompare.com, it is around 4 so I think it was if I can find out, it would assist."

Would my insurance coverage charge increase?
Easily run to my insurance provider and document a hit would my plan rate rise?

How much is car insurance?
Just how much may I expect motor insurance to price? I'm getting drivers ed shortly (which I have noticed lowers the insurance price) and that I also get decent marks (that we also hear reduces the insurance price). I would be operating a car or truck. Any suggestions on what much insurance might cost me?"

I added my car below and recently moved to florida?
I recently shifted to florida from florida, and that I really need to understand what I've to complete? Using the license plate? Enrollment? All of this kinds of items, as well as for I - can be operating with drivers permit and the california dish? Cheers for your aid !!"

Finding included on to my parents autoinsurance?
Okay well I simply got my license and wish to have added onto my parents insurance as well as a need to know an estimate for me to achieve that on how much it would cost. Im a 17 year old male and my parents have AIG. So please help me"

Could the risk-basic individual ever get insurance which was not reasonable?
Then please write-in detail if any one knows about this. thanks!"

Is there a quantity of time you've to profit a life insurance policy?

Car insurance issue that is deductible?
Alright therefore I was rearended ! ha! Day, I currently called my insurance company on Saturday. Cared for, and I could get it fixed the moment I need (tomorrow). I am also trying to call another insurance carrier of the car that hit me so they pay my deductible ($500). Do I need to have this done-with before I get in my car? Their insurance company it is supplying a great deal of crap to me over the phone and is actually a tiny one. Should I just call my insurance company and have it is dealt with by them? What should I do? thanks!"

Can someone please coinsurance in my experience for medical care insurance and clarify deductibles?
I am finding health insurance for that first time by myself, so I donot know something about this. I tried obtaining it is explained by the female from the insurance company, but it nonetheless makes no sense in my experience. Basically have an annual deductible of $2000 /$ 4,000 and my out of pocket max is $4,000 /$ 8,000 exactly what does this mean? And my coinsurance is 20%?"

Is it usual for an insurance provider to require you SS#?
Im on and 18 my own and ive never needed to get insurance before. And I am being asked by the best insurance company ive discovered for my SS#. Is not that this abnormal, not merely to get an estimate, but to get the insurance also. And do I've to go to the organization could I take action over the phone like their tellin me?... or directly to actually activate the insurance"

What is the top auto insurance company for young drivers?
I was wondering which car insurance provider is cheapest since many of them appear to be extremely expensive, and have recently approved my driving exam!"

May me drop?
Hello guys. I've state farm insurance and that I was placed on my parents insurance as being a 17 year old since I acquired into an accident in december (not my fault, I acquired rear-ended). i turned 18 on new years morning and simply got a racing citation (51 in a 35). I had been just wondering if I could be dropped by my insurance of course if so how probable it'd be. Cheers."

A problem about auto insurance?
If you have an infant, does your insurance decline? I wasnot confident about having a baby, although I know it can when you get married. Cheers!"

Car-insurance at 20 on-average?
Simply how much might auto insurance be for me before i obtain a vehicle and i am two decades old if i only have my licence for 2 months?. The automobile will be minimal maximum and a 1.2 litre a 1.6 litre so what could 1.4 litre a 1.2 litre litre charge me normally?."

Car Insurance Problem?
While acquiring an insurance plan, what should I be searching for to have the most effective protection? As an example: Liability Limit - howmuch - 1 million million? Collision Coverage - howmuch deductible? Comprehensive Protection - howmuch deductible? I am just getting rates on-line and completing these categories, maybe you can all clarify what is the and the things they suggest!"

"How come it when your pregnant, you can't get health insurance?"
I now have Kaiser with my dads organization(I work for him). Of canceling the insurance, nevertheless, he's thinking. I found out 2 nights before that I am pregnant, my father nevertheless doesn't learn, and I know he maybe will not stop the insurance for me, and will be content for me. However, how come it that if your pregnant you can't get insurance? How about if i still desire to stay with Kaiser, but contain it on my title only? In Southern California cause I understand sometimes, oh I live that is asked by people."

Insurance plan??????
Our motor insurance is under my dad's name hes the policy holder im 22 years of age from newyork I used to be associated with an auto accident 2 weeks before i was at no fault since i was rear ended today geico named and explained they are boosting my dadis preimum by 200 bucks since now they'll include me to the policy why are they doing this...is it due to the accident they claimed the only path it's not going to be increase if he takes me off his policy and also the car and contains to offer proof that im protected By another business im heading away for university and so I don't need is it a good idea to visit another insurance company please information and my automobile which belongs to my dad is there anyway to complete somethin to not improve his premium

Assist me with insurance label?
In the bay area there is by evaluating their charges, this insurance broker which finds the cheapest insurance for you personally and they possess a license to market that insurance in a low price to you. The name is something like freeway insurance? traffic insurance? Street insurance? wth insurance? Could somebody tell the title to me? Cheers"

Progressive vs Allstate Automobile Insurance?
I am likely to be saving $500 with either organization. Curious on everyone's ideas. Both are going to be keeping me about $40 per month.

"Simply how much cheaper wouldn't it be if it was 2000 on my own plan togo under my fathers insurance for a truck? (Year)?"
My INSURANCE quote is about 2000 Yearly for my Ford Transit Truck. Im 17 years of age and wants till I get my small own function Organization proceeding a bit more this to become a touch cheaper for the first year. Is there anybody who can provide mean appraisal at easily went under my men Insurance on what much Im looking? Cheers Folks! Jack Osborne. All Responses Loved. (Added - I am unable to get a price from my fathers insurance people-so it is changing around. Please do NOT give me terrible responses as these will be categorized as immature) when you havenot got something nice to convey, Don't say anything more."

"What's more significant, Car cost or Insurance payment?"
Our car is soon entering repossesion. They gave a dead-line 23rd to me, and that I am desperately looking for a task. Anyhow, I've 200 dollars in my own acct. I thought of paying the 200 dollars for my insurance. That I was for spending, handle delayed. Then expect that i get a work and spend the 425 pounds that I am 30 days pastdue, payment on the 23rd. Do you think the insurance should not be just paid by me and let them bill me for a fine, than allow my vehicle go into repossesment? Easily dnot pay for it, i will have atleast 200 in my bank and after that I could hopefully request my mama (which i dn't wanna do) for the sleep (another 225, total 425 for that VEHICLE) till i obtain a salary."

Just how much approximately might scooter insurance not cost young?
How much around would moped insurance not charge young?

Can I purchase auto insurance without car registration?
Hi people and women, I want your aids below, I reside in Florida and that I presently own two cars (A and B), auto A that we am about to market has not been pushed in a year (2011-2012), also used to do not buy the car insurance for automobile A since I have don't get it anymore, within this year (2012) after I paid-for the car registration renewal fee for vehicle A, I obtained a page from Colorado DMW, stated they were not able to send me a subscription card until I could supply them with evidences of auto insurance for Vehicle A, and however, I dropped all the prior registration cards of vehicle A during actions, thus in cases like this, will I be capable of purchase car insurance for car A without displaying registration card to the insurance agent but solely with Push's Permit, VIN number, etc.? Or alternatively, could I utilize vehicle B's insurance to complete registration repair for car A? Thankyou in advance."

Best answer: Try this site where you can compare quotes: http://insure-cheap.info