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  • Reviews - Doctors


    Let me just say that I love Park Shin Hye and all of the other actors in this drama. It was really entertaining to see PSH take on the role of a badass since we're all used to seeing her play a girl who needs to be saved, which is not a bad thing if I may add. But if I'm gonna be honest, I began to lose interest halfway through the show. I just felt like the plot was getting...bland. At least that's how it was for me personally. I know that others probably have different opinions but this is where I stand. The acting was A+. But I felt like the plot didn't deliver...enough. *sighs*

  • Reviews - Cheese In The Trap


    This drama started out sooooo well. But like many dramas, as it went on the plot started getting lost along the way. And can someone tell me what on earth happened to Yoo Jung? I know that he had an internship and that he couldn't be seen with Eun Seol in school as often, but seriously people. The amount of screen time that he had was getting so small that it was ridiculous. And DON'T even get me started on the controversy this show had with the production company and the manwha writer. The only reason why I'm giving this show a high rating is because I truly did love this show, and I still do. But I'm just let down because I had such high hopes for it :(

  • binksy


    Amazing plot, amazing actors, and amazing chemistry. Out of all the dramas I have watched, this is the only drama that I can truly call my number one favorite.