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  • Reviews - Madame Antoine


    Maybe it's just me, but Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon don't really have any chemistry. Can't bring myself to ship them.

  • Reviews - Happy Once Again


    This drama started out really good but went downhill after the first half.

  • blubbph


    Bawled my eyes out while watching the ending because it is the perfect ending for all the characters even though it is last minute and is not developed. I'm still thankful that at least it is a clear enough ending unlike those cliffhanger endings that let the viewers use their imagination to decide the ending. I love how this drama stays true to its core, which is female empowerment, until the very end, while still allowing the main characters to grow and develop for better or worse. Yes, the CGIs are cringe-worthy bad, but I still like this drama overall. I thought it would be hard to ship Liu Shi Shi's character with any of the male leads since she is married, but I was proven wrong. Love Liu Shi Shi's acting and chemistry with both male leads. There are many sweet moments with the male leads that I definitely will re-watch in the future. The ending soundtrack is also stuck in my head. So glad I'm out of the agony of wanting to punch fictional characters, though (i.e, Qiyu's mother, Wang Meilin, and Duke Wang).