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Dramas My Role / Cargo Progress / Estado
49 days Subber Completed

7th Grade Civil Servant

Moderator (English) Upcoming

A Hundred Year's Inheritance

Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
A Man Called God Moderator (Spanish) Stand by
Absolute Darling Channel Manager Completed
Ancient Medical Book Moderator (English) Upcoming

Answer Me 1997

Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Bad Boy Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Baker King Tak Goo Moderator (Spanish) Stand by
Beautiful Love Moderator (Spanish) Stand by
Beautiful Monster Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
Beethoven Virus Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Big Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Birdie Buddy Editor In progress
Bridal Mask Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Buzzer Beat! Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Can't Live without you Channel Manager Upcoming
Cheongdam dong Alice Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Cinderella Unnie Moderator (Spanish) Completed
City Conquest Editor /Subber Upcoming
Code Blue 2 Subber In progress
Coffe House Editor /Subber Completed
Cyrano Agency Moderator (Spanish) Completed
City Lovers Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
Death Girl Editor /Subber Completed
Demigods and Semidevils Channel Manager Upcoming
Detective Choi Il Woo Manager/ Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
Drunken To love you Moderator (Spanish) Completed
East of Eden Editor /Subber In progress
Faith Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Fashion King Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Father's house Editor /Subber Completed
Feast of Gods Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Five fingers Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Manager/ Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Fugitive Plan B Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Gangnam Style Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
God of Study Moderator (Spanish) Stand by
Gumiho's revenge Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Haeundae Lovers Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Hanayome wa 16-sai (16 year-old Bride) Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Happy Noodle Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
Hard to say I love you Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Hayate the Combat buttler Channel Manager Completed
Heartstrings Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Heaven's Soldiers Editor /Subber Completed
Hong Gil Dong Moderator (Spanish) In progress
I am a Legend Moderator (Spanish) Completed
I love Lee Tae Ri Editor /Subber Completed
I love you, Ahjussi Channel Manager Upcoming
I miss you Moderator (Spanish) In progress
In Time With You Moderator (Spanish) Completed
It's ok daddy's daughter Editor /Subber Completed
Jang Ok Jung, lives in love Channel Manager Upcoming
Jeon Woo Chi Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
Jewel in the palace Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Jewel in the palace 2 Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
K-POP Extreme Survival Moderator (English) Completed
King of dramas Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Life is beautiful Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Love Before Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Love Buffet Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Love Me or Leave me Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
Love, Now Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Love Shuffle Subber Completed
Momo Love Subber Completed
Moon Lovers Moderator (Spanish) Completed
My girlfriend is a Gumiho Moderator (Spanish) Completed
My love, Madame Butterfly Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Nice Guy Channel Manager Completed
Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors Editor /Subber Completed
Ohlala Couple Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Oh My lady Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Ojakgyo Brothers Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Otomen Subber Completed
Panda & Hedgehog Editor /Subber Completed
Paradise Ranch Editor /Subber Completed
Personal Taste Editor /Subber Completed
Proposal Daisakusen Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Prosecutor Princess Moderator (Spanish) Completed
PS Man Editor /Subber Completed
Romantic Princess Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Rooftop Prince Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Rooftop Woman Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
School 2013 Channel Manager In progress
Shut up flower boy band Editor /Subber Completed
Summer Fever Moderator (English) Completed
Sword and Flower Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
Tamra the Island Editor /Subber In progress
That Winter, the wind blows Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
The Best Love Moderator (Spanish) Completed
The Duo Moderator (Spanish) In progress

The Flower Boy Next Door

Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
The Goddes of Money Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
The Moon that embraces the sun Channel Manager Completed
The Perfect Girl Evolution Editor /Subber Completed
The Princess' Man Moderator (Spanish) Completed
The Wedding Scheme Editor /Subber In progress
Tiptoe to kiss love Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
To the beautiful you Moderator (Spanish) Completed
Twelve man in a year Editor /Subber In progress
Ugly Cake Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
White Christmas Moderator (Spanish) In progress
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Editor /Subber Completed

Yi Sun-shin's Unauthorized Biography

Channel Manager Upcoming
You are beautiful (korean drama) Moderator (Spanish) Completed

You're beautiful

Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
Your Majesty Moderator (Spanish) Upcoming
You're My Pet Moderator (Spanish) Completed

If someone want me to help with spa subs I'd love to help ^^

Green Day




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