My name is Karla~

I am fluent in Spanish and English and I also know Korean :D

I also know a little bit of Chinese and Japanese but it is just like basic knowledge enough to survive.

I can understand French, Italian, and Portuguese but I can´t speak or write in any of these languages.

I love Korea! I really love its people,culture,history, and traditionsheart

I also enjoy watching K-dramas and listening to K-pop in my free time!

My favorite K-pop group is SHINee and they were also the group that got me into K-pop. In the past, they helped me overcome some hardships and that is why they will always have a especial place in my heart.


Dramas I have watched:

 My Love From Another Starheartcryinglaugh

 Boys Over Flowersheart

​ Heirs

​ Stairway to Heavenheartcrying

 Doctor Strangerno

The Moon that Embraces the Sunheartcrying

 1 litre of Tearsheartcrying

​ Playful Kisslaugh

 Secret Gardenlaugh

 To the Beautiful You

 The Hours of My Life

​ Descendants Of The Sunheartcryinglaugh

 Splash Splash Loveheartcryinglaugh


Dramas I never finished watching for several reasons:

​ Medical Top Team

 49 Days

 Personal Taste

 City Hunter

 Innocent Man


 God's Gift: 14 Days


Dramas I am currently watching:

​ Doctors

 The Master´s Sun


 Cinderella and the Four Knights


Movies I have watched:

  Miracle in Cell No.7heartcrying

 A Werewolf Boyheartcrying

 Secretly Greatlycrying


 Battle Royale

 The Ring

 The Grudge

The ones with aheart  next to it are the ones that I 1000% recommend!! You totally have to watch them!!

The ones with a no  next to it are the ones that I really did not like and I would not really recommend them.

The ones with a crying next to it are the ones that made me cry a river.

The ones with a laugh next to it are the ones that made me laugh a lot.


Current Projects:

I work mainly as a KOR- ENG Subtitler however I also work as a SPAN-ENG, ENG-SPAN, KOR-SPAN Subtitler and as a Translation Editor

Delicious Proposal (Korean-English Subtitler)(Spanish Subtitler) 

 Todo sobre Corea del Sur (Spanish-English subtitler)

Spotlight (Korean-English Subtitler)(Spanish Subtitler)(TE)

Gye Baek (Korean-English Subtitler) (Spanish Subtitler)(TE)

My Life´s Golden Age (Korean-English Subtitler)

Special Investigation Team (Korean-English Subtitler)

The Duo (Korean-English Subtitler)(TE)

General Hospital 2 (Korean-English Subtitler)(TE)

New Heart(Korean-English Subtitler)(TE)

 The Sleeping Beauty (Spanish Subtitler)


Future Projects:

 Bring it on, Ghost (Korean- English Subtitler) LICENSE NOT APPROVED

 Castle in the Time (Spanish Subtitler)

 Our Gap Soon (Spanish Subtitler)

 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (Korean- English Subtitler) (Spanish Subtitler)



TE=Translation Editor(I help with the small details, translations,notes etc...that hardsub dramas lack.)

If you want me to help in any project, please PM me! I will be glad to help :)  


Awesome Thank You Cards from Awesome Teams:


I think I have an obsession with Kim Soo Hyun... 

Also Descendants Of The Sun....

And of course SHINee!!!


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