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  • Big Issue

    Big Issue

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 31
    Updated 8 months ago
  • Ja Myung Go

    Ja Myung Go

    EN 98% Korea
    Episode 14
    Updated 8 months ago
  • Goodbye My Princess

    Goodbye My Princess

    EN 100% Mainland China
    Episode 15
    Updated 8 months ago

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  • Reviews - Boys Over Flowers


    It is a crack drama, but with a leading actress, that completely ruined the show for me. She overacted or simply had a strang way of acting. Though I liked Lee Min ho in his later works, I was not really impressed with him here. I never got a feeling for the romance in this version.

  • Reviews - The Guardian


    Ok, this drama did hurt. Right from the first episode. We have a bunch of people, who had to face something tragic and devastating. And they wanted justice, but in the end justice doesn´t mean relieve from the pain. The characters were nuanced and mostly relateable - at least from the emotional side. I, myself, am not that talented, but I could feel the pain and understand the decisions. Even from our Anti-hero, even though I would never condone them. The script was tightly written with slick dialogue. The camerawork great, the soundtrack fantastic. I am not sure about the ending, because I honestly didn´t understand it. I got a feeling, that there is a second season in planning, but it does not look like that.

  • Reviews - Money Flower