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    Ok, this drama did hurt. Right from the first episode. We have a bunch of people, who had to face something tragic and devastating. And they wanted justice, but in the end justice doesn´t mean relieve from the pain. The characters were nuanced and mostly relateable - at least from the emotional side. I, myself, am not that talented, but I could feel the pain and understand the decisions. Even from our Anti-hero, even though I would never condone them. The script was tightly written with slick dialogue. The camerawork great, the soundtrack fantastic. I am not sure about the ending, because I honestly didn´t understand it. I got a feeling, that there is a second season in planning, but it does not look like that.

  • cassejja


    Oh my, what a strange drama experience for me. It was fun, entertaining, heartwarming, cute with the right dose of angst. But - and this is the strange thing - while I loved the premise, I did not see any possible good ending for the story. I loved the pairing, but I did not want a happy end for them. Seo In Gook was great as a high schooler. Lee Hana played the weirdo with that much bravado, I sometimes could not bear to watch. Together they were a cute couple. Unfortunately I had a second lead syndrom, because my brain told me, the alternative would be much saner. The supporting cast was good and they created a warm and nice story.