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  • Big Issue

    Big Issue

    EN 100% Korea
    Episode 31
    Updated over 1 year ago
  • Ja Myung Go

    Ja Myung Go

    EN 98% Korea
    Episode 14
    Updated over 1 year ago
  • Goodbye My Princess

    Goodbye My Princess

    EN 100% Mainland China
    Episode 15
    Updated over 1 year ago

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  • cassejja


    Oh my, what a strange drama experience for me. It was fun, entertaining, heartwarming, cute with the right dose of angst. But - and this is the strange thing - while I loved the premise, I did not see any possible good ending for the story. I loved the pairing, but I did not want a happy end for them. Seo In Gook was great as a high schooler. Lee Hana played the weirdo with that much bravado, I sometimes could not bear to watch. Together they were a cute couple. Unfortunately I had a second lead syndrom, because my brain told me, the alternative would be much saner. The supporting cast was good and they created a warm and nice story.

  • Reviews - Queen of Mystery


    I guess, I liked it enough. It left me with an unsatisfied feeling, so I won´t rate it better. The open ending destroyed kind of everything. There was one big mystery from the start and they solved everything else, but not this one. It´s a lame move. The acting was actually ok. Both main actors are known for their limited acting range, but it didn´t show here and I liked it. UPDATE: Sooo, after I got news, that there will be a second season, I rated it up. Now I am happy. I hope they can recruit the same actors again. I loved the scooby gang, and it was such an unconventional and sweet group of weirdos, trying to solve crimes.

  • Reviews - Hyde, Jekyll, Me


    What a waste of such an acting potential. Great leads - poor story. Just sad.