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One of my granddaughters when she was about two years old with her sister.

춤추라 , 아무도 바라보고 있지않은 것처럼.
사랑하라, 한번도 상처받지않은 것처럼.
노래하라, 아무도 듣고 있지 않은 것처럼.
일하라, 돈이필요하지 않은 것처럼.
살라, 오늘이 마지막 날인것처럼.

Segmenting 101:  Graduate in 2010 -- Mentor and Graduate Panel Member
Ninja Academy:   Sensei;  Read about the billion word effort  here: HuffingtonPost

My Projects:
Current and known licenses
(October 1)

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (November 5, 2018)
The Last Empress (November, 2018)
Boyfriend (November, 2018) (now named Encounter)
Fates and Furies (December, 2018)

Future (Editor): (Subject to viki obtaining license -- Please request licenses!)
Because this is my first love
Four Men

Housewife Detective (start date TBA)
Our First Romance  (TBA)
Sound of the Heart (webdrama)
Skybound (A viki production-- filming and broadcasting date unknown)
The Kingdom
Neighborhood Lawyer Season 2
Hong Chun Gi  (SBS, starts in 2018, saguk about a Joseon painter)
Projects which did not get licensed or were never broadcast:
(These are listed because from time to time viki obtains late licenses)
Asadal Chronicle (2019)
Terius Behind Me (not licensed at viki)
One Hundred Days Prince (September 10, 2018)
Mr. Sunshine (not licensed at viki)
Miss Hammurabi (not licensed)
City of Stars (not licensed)
Suits (not licensed)
Misty (not licensed)

Wise Prison Life/ Prison Playbook (not licensed)
Summer Days (November, 2017, not licensed)
The Package (2017)
Accidentally 18  (August 28, 2017) 
Save me (Co-Editor) (August 4, 2017)
Woman of Dignity (June 16, 2017)
Love Clinic (2016)
My Secret Romance 
The liar and His lover| 
Introvert Boss 
One and Only You (Fall, 2016, CSTV staring Hong Bin)
Jade Lover (Chinese, starring Lee Jong Seok,Broadcast date indefinite due to Chinese Gov't policy)
Scarlet Heart Goryeo 
The Good Wife 
Cinderella and Four Knights 
Awl (JTBC. Oct 23, 2015) 
Greatest Marriage

Past Projects (starting with the oldest in 2009 to the present) All Korean unless otherwise denoted

1 Glory of the Family -- Segmenter/ Subber
Don't Hesitate - Segmenter/ Subber
Loving You a Thousand Times - Uploader/ Segmenter/ Subber
Assorted Gems - Segmenter/Subber
Kimcheed Radish Cubes - Segmenter/ Subber
Stars Falling from the Sky - Subber
Pasta - Segmenter/Subber
Still Marry Me - Segmenter
Prosecutor Princess - Segmenter/Subber
I Love You, Don't Cry - Segmenter/Subber
11 Giant - Segmenter/ Subber
Secret Agent Miss Oh - Segmenter/Subbe
Our Slightly Risque Relationship -- Segmenter
I Am Legend-Subber
Gloria - Editor/ Segmenter /Subber
Playful Kiss -Segmenter/ Subber
Volleyball Lover - Segmenter (Chinese)
City Hunter - Chief Editor
Daemul/Big Fish - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Dr. Champ - Segmenter
21 Queen of Reversals - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Dream High - Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
A Good Day for The Wind - Segmenter
My Princess - Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
My Big Fat Valentina - Editor/ Segmenter (Spanish)
Sign - Chief Editor/Segmenter/Subber
Life is Beautiful - Segmenter/ Subber
Royal Family-Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Petty Romance - Segmenter
Athena - Segmenter
31Midas -- Segmenter/ Subber
Can You Hear My Heart? - Chief Editor/Segmenter/Subber
Heartstrings - Chief Editor
Manny - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Lie To Me - Chief Editor/Segmenter/Subber
The Greatest Love - Chief  Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Romance Town - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Protect the Boss - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/Subber
Can't Lose - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Poseidon -- Segmenter/ Subber
41 The Princess Man -- Chief  Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
A Gentleman's Dignity -- Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Brain -- Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
The King 2 Hearts - Chief Editor / Segmenter/ Subber
Glory Jane -- Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Rooftop Prince -- Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Glowing She - Segmenter/ Subber
The Moon Embracing the Sun - Editor/Segmenter/ Subber
Feast of the Gods - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
History of the Salaryman - Chief Editor
51 Bridal Mask - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/Subber
Arang and the Magistrate - Chief Editor/Segmenter/Subber
Love Rain - Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Dr. Jin - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
I Do/ I Do - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
May Queen - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Queen In Hyun's Man -Chief Editor/ Segmener/ Subber
The Third Hospital - Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Ghost - Subber
Answer Me 1997 - Subber / Segmenter (Ost, Music)
61 Five Fingers - Segmenter/ Subber
Full House 2 -- Chief Editor/ Segmenter/ Subber
Love Now -- Segmenter
A Thousand Kisses -- Chief Editor, Segmenter
Cheongdam-dong Alice --Chief Editor/Segmenter/Subber
Queen of Ambition (Chief Editor/ Segmenter /Subber)
My Love, Madame Butterfly (Chief Editor/ segmenter/ subber)
Incarnation of Money (Chief Editor/ segmenter)
All About My Romance  (completed in May, 2012) -Segmenter, subber,Chief  Editor
When A Man Loves (April 3, MBC, Wed/Thurs completed in June) -Segmenter, Chief editor
71 Gu Family Book ( MBC) - Segmenter, Chief Editor
One Hundred Years Inheritance (Back up Segmenter)
Shark - Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
I Hear Your Voice-  Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
The Queen's Classroom - Chief  Editor. Segmenter
Who are you -- Chief Editor, Segmenter
Two Weeks --Chief Editor, Segmenter
Master's Sun--Subber, Segmenter
Good Doctor   --Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Goddess of Fire --Chief Editor, Segmenter
81 Scandal (Sat/Sun ) Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Goddess of Marriage  -- Subber, Segmenter
Suspicious Housemaid -Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
A Thousand Days' Promise -- Segmenter, Chief Editor, Subber
Medical Top Team --Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Beautiful Man -- Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Reply 1994 Segmenter, Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Prime Minister is Dating Chief Editor
Miss Korea Chief Editor
My Love from the Stars  Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
91 Woman Who Married Three Times, Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
 Kang Koo's Story. Chief Editor
Emergency Man & Woman ) 응급남녀 -Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Three Days (SBS February 26, 2014) 쓰리데이즈  Chief Editor
Angel Eyes ( April, SBS) Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
A New Leaf (MBC, April-June 2014) Editor, Subber, Segmenter
Foreign Doctor/Doctor Stranger (SBS) 닥터이방인, Chief Editor, Subber, Segmenter
We have you  Surrounded  (SBS) Chief Editor
Triangle (MBC, ) Chief Editor
 Incarnation of Money Chief Editor
101 God's Quiz Season 4 (2014) Chief Editor, Subber, Segmenter
 Wonderful Days Wonderful Season (KBS ) Editor, Subber, Segmenter
My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Post-Series Manager, Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Trot Lover (KBS) Chief Editor
Temptation (KBS) Chief Editor
Glorious Day (SBS), Chief Editor, Segmenter
The Mermaid ( TVN), Chief Editor
My Secret Hotel (TvN, Aug 2014 ) Chief Editor
The Night Watchman (MBC, Mon/Tuesdays) Chief Editor
Three Musketeers (TvN, Aug -Nov, 2014) Chief Editor, Subber
111Endless Love (SBS, June-Nov, 2014) Chief Editor, Subber. Segmenter
 She's So Lovable (SBS  2014) Chief Editor, Subber, Segment
Misaeng (TVN, October 17 Friday/Saturday, to December 20, 2015), Chief Editor
Birth of a Beauty (SBS, Sat/Sun) to January 11, 2015), Chief Editor
Pride and Prejudice (MBC, October2014, Mon/ Tues to January 13, 2015), Chief Editor
Pinocdhio (SBS, Nov. 12 ,Wed/Thurs  to January 15, 2015), Chief Editor
High School King(TVN June 16, 2014 ), Chief Editor, Segmenter
Valid Love  (TvN, from December 1,2014),Chief  Editor
The King's Face (KBS November 19, 2014, Wed/Thurs To February 5, 2015), Chief Editor, Segment, Subber
Healer (KBS, from December 8 2015, Mon/ Tues ) Chief Editor
121 Legendary Witches (MBC, Otober, 25, 2014, to March 8, 2015 ) Channel Manager, Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Hyde, Jekyll (SBS, Wed/Thurs January, 2015), Chief Editor
Seonam Girls' High School Investigators (December 16, 2015)-March 18, 2015), Chief Editor
Fabulous Boys (Segmenter -- Chinese Drama))
Goddess of Sales My Heart Twinkle Twinkle, Editor (SBC, January, 2015- April, 2015), Chief Editor, Segmenter
Angry Mom (March 17, 2015) Chief Editor
Unkind Women (KBS, February, 2015, Wed/Thurs - ends May 14, 2014) Chief Editor, Segmenter
Missing Noir-M (tvN Saturdays only -10 episodes, ends May 30) Chief Editor
Let's Eat Season 2  (TVN, Monday/Tuesday April 6 - June 2 ) Chief Editor, Subber
Unfortunate Boyfriend (MBC, April 10, 2015) Chief Editor
131 Ex-Girlfriend's Club (May 8, 2015) Chief Editor
Divorce Lawyer In Love (April, 2015) Chief Editor
Producer (KBS, May 15, 2015 to June 20, 2015) Editor and Subber
Masked Prosecutor  Chief Editor
Padam Padam, Chief Editorand Subber
Mask (MBC; May, 2015) Chief Editor
The Crossing Hero (T drama, Segmenter)
Heard It Through the Grapevine (Eps 22-30), Co-Manager, Editor and Subber
City Hall -- Subber 
I Remember You Chief Editor
141 The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days (SBS, June 13) Chief Editor
Assembly (KBS Wed/Thurs July 15, 2015 - September 18, 2015) Chief Editor and Subber
The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law ( KBS  Mon/TuesAugust 17. 2015- September 22) Chief Editor
Splendid Politics (HwaJeong) (MBC, April 13. 2015, Mon/Tues - September 30) Chief Editor and Subber
Yongpal (Wed/Thurs August, 2015-October 1) Chief Editor
Full House  (This is the Korean version which viki uploaded in October, 2015) Subber, Segmenter, Chief Editor
Sassy, Go Go (KBS), Chief Editor
She was Pretty (Completed Nov 11, 2015), Chief Editor
Adolescence Melody (Mini-mini series -- 4 episodes), Chief Editor
The Flatterer (Webdrama - 12 brief episodes), Chief Editor
151 Splash Splash Love, Chief Editor
 Oh My Venus (KBS), Chief Editor
SBS 2015 Kpop Awards, Chief Editor and Subber
SBS 2015 Drama Awards, Chief Editor
Puck, Chief Editor
Imaginary Cat (November 24, 2015 - 8 episodes), Chief Editor
Riders Catch Tomorrow (November, 2015), Chief Editor and Subber
All About My Mom (also known as I Ask of You Mom KBS Sat/Sun), Chief Editor and Subber
Sweet Savage Family, Chief Editor and Subber
Moorim School (KBS, January, 2016), Chief Editor and Subber161   The Merchant Gaekju 2015 (KBS, September 23, 2015) Chief Editor and Subber
161 Glamourous Temptation (2015-2016 MBC) Chief Editor Segmenter, Subber
Page Turner (KBS, 3 episodes, March 26, 2016) Chief Editor
Come Back Mister (SBS  Wed/Thurs February 24, 2016 to Aprl 14, 2016) Chief Editor
My Little Baby (March 14, 2016 -- late license) Editor
PIed Piper (TVN Monday/ Tuesday March 7, 2016 to April 26, 2016)  Chief Editor
Romance Blue (web drama) Chief Editor
Memory ( TVN Fri/Sat March 18, 2016 to May 7, 2016) Chief Editor
Dramaworld Chief Editor
Goodbye Mr. Black (SBS Wed/ Thurs March 16, 2016, to May 19, 2016) Chief Editor
 Neighborhood Lawyer (KBS, Monday/ Tuesday) Editor
171 Cheese in the Trap (January, 2016) Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Love and Soul/ Oh My Ghostess) Chief Editor, Segmenter
Vampire Detective (OCN, March 27, 2016 cast: Lee Joon, Lee Se Young, Oh Jung Se - Sundays only) Chief Editor
Jackpot  (SBS, Monday/ Tues March 28, 2016) Chief Editor
Entertainer (SBS, April 20, 2016) (extended to 18 episodes) (Wed/Thurs) Chief Editor
God of Noodles (April 27- June 30) (Wed/Thurs) Chief Editor
Lucky Romance (Wed/Thurs to July 14) Chief Editor
Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim (May, 2016- July 17) (Sat/Sun) (Segmenter, Subber, Chief Editor)
Reply 1988 (November 2015 TvN) (Channel Manager, Segmenter. Subber, Chief Editor)
 Beautiful Mind (Chief Editor)
181Bubblegum Chief Editor, Subtitler, Segmenter
Wanted Chief Editor, Subtitler, Segmenter
Doctors Chief Editor and Segmenter
Signal (TVN 2015) Chief Editor, Subber and Segmenter
Uncontrollably Fond (KBS, July 6, 2016) (This drama has been licensed for Europe and parts of the Middle East) Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
W   (Lee Jong Seok) (July 20), Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Twenty Again  Chief Editor, Subber
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (Park Bo Gum: August 22)(Chief Editor, Subber)
Fantastic (Joo Sang Woo, JTBC Sept 2, 2016) (Chief Editor, Subber)
Shopping King Louie  (MBC 2016) (Chief Editor, Subber)
191 Jealousy Incarnate (SBS, August 24, 2016, Jo Jong Seok, Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Mi Sook) (Manager, Chief Editor, Subber)
Gogh's Stary Night (4 episode series) (Chief Editor, Subber)
The MIracle (December 23, short series) (Chief Editor, Subber)
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo  (MBC-- November 16, 2016 ) (Chief Editor, Subber)
Oh My Geum Bi  (November 16, 2016) (Chief Editor, Subber)
Naked Fireman (4 episodes, Jan, 2017), Chief Editor
Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS, 11/16/2016), Chief Editor, Subber
Solomon's Perjury (Dec 9, 2016)  Channel Manager, Chief Editor
The Facetale: Cinderia (we drama) Chief Editor, Subber
200 Hwarang (KBS, Dec 19, 2016, starring Park Seo Joon), Channel Manager, Chief Editor, Subber, Segmenter,  Chinese, Segger (4000+ segments!)
Hidden Identity, Channel Manager, Chief Editor, Subber
Traces of the Hand, Chief Editor, Subber
Defendant (Starring Ji Seong), Chief Editor and Subber
K2 (Ji Chang Wook, September 23, 2016 - late license) Channel Manager, Segmenter, Chief Editor, Subbe
Fortuneteller's Secret Recipe, Chief Editor, Subber
Our Gap Soon (61 episodes!  Completed April, 2017) Chief Editor, Subber
Girl's War, ChiefEditor and Subber
Saimdang, LIght's Diary (January 25, 2017) Channel Manager, Segmenter, Subber
210 Neighbourhood Hero (OCN, 2016 Park Shi Hoo ) Channel Manager, Segmenter, Subber, Editor
Whisper  (starts March 27), Chief Editor,  Subber and Segmenter
Descendants of the Sun (Korean moderator and subber working on Korean captions)
Suspicious Partner (Starts May 10 to July 13), Chief Editor, Segmenter, Subber
Queen for Seven Days (May 31- August 3) Chief Editor, Segmenter
Bride of the Water God (Chief Editor) (July 3, 2017) Subber, Segmenter
School 2017 (Chief Editor),Segmenter
The King Loves (MBC,  July 17- Sept 19, 2017) CM, Editor, Subber, Segmenter
Into the World Again (Chief Editor, July 19, 2017) (late License)
Manhole, Phil from Wonderland (August 9, 2017)
220 Sister is Alive (Segmenter)
Good Thief; Bad Thief - Segmenter
While you Were Sleeping (Chief Editor) (Started on September 27, 2017)
Go Back Couple (Chief Editor)
Anarchist from the Colony (Movie)
Special Laws of Romance
Money Flower
Bravo My Life
My Golden Life
230 Mother
Radio Romance

Snow on the Sea
Distorted (late license)
Guardian (late license, originally "Lookout")
Fake (Chief Editor)
Switch (Chief Editor)
Dear Lena (Channel Manager)

The Rich Man, the Poor Woman
What's wrong with Secretary Kim ?
240 What a Man Wants (movie)
The Age of Blood (movie)
My Love, My Bride (movie)
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 
Where Stars Land  
When Time Stopped 
For the Emperor (movie)