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  • cgwm808


    For about the first two years of this program, this show was ten stars and introduced me to a lot of amazing people in Korean-- not all of whom were ethnic Koreana. These people were global leaders in a variety of fields -- writing, sports, entertainment, medicine, religion. In the past year the guests on the program have been dominanted by the entertainment industry and the show has become a typical variety show. What a disappointment

  • Reviews - I-LAND


    The premise of the show was interesting, to watch the development of young wannabees who are vying to be a B Band. But the method of choosing who will progress to a group which will be given an opportunity to debut is very bad as it pits each contestant against all others. The members vote to eliminate some to as many as half of the group on each episode. No criteria are set for voting. So a member might cast his vote against someone more talented than himself to increase his own opportunity to debut. Or vote for a good friend even though the friend may be less talented than everyone else. Even when the professionals choose the best performer, the best performer can choose one of the outcasts to stay in the group and thus doom someone else to replace the outcast. Without knowing who the outcast will be, the #1 performer unknowingly doomed the best dancer in the group who had perfected the #1 performer's dancing performance. Every single episode is more full of tears than joy for these young males who want so desperately to become idols. One can readily understand the stresses which cause young performers to commit suicide.

  • Reviews - Dramaworld


    K drama fans are in for a fun treat. The writers and directors certainly have a deep knowledge of Kdrama which they have transformed into every Kdrama fan's love -- a chance to be a part of a Kdrama romance.