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Native Arabic speaker. I have studied in an American school, thus, I'm fluent in English. Biotech graduate. I also took a medical terminology course in college.

I'm also a staff member at mydramalist.com

You can find my watch list over here

If you need any help in subbing, please contact me. I'm willing to help with projects, if I have the time or if the show is interesting.

If you are going to re-check/re-edit an old show, you can ask me, and I'm help re-check the Arabic subs.

Also if you are investigating a complaint about an Arabic member's translation quality, feel free to contact me.

مصطلحات طبية وعسكرية لمساعدة الترجمة

ترجمة إنجليزية-كورية-عربية لبعض المصطلحات
English-Korean-Arabic translation of some terms


Current Projects
Arabic Subber

Arabic Moderator

(On air)

Arabic Moderator

(Off air)


Currently, none

Currently, none

  1. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon *Just started working on episode 2*
  2. Goblin *Recruiting - Since no one is able to access it, it is taking time for me to sub it alone - Working on episode 2*
  1. Signal *Very text heavy - working on episode 14*


Completed Projects
Arabic Subber Arabic Moderator Channel Manager
  1. D-Day
  2. White Christmas
  3. Remember
  4. Shopping King Louie
  5. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
  6. Doctors
  7. The Facetale: Cinderia
  8. Luck Romance
  9. Romantic Doctor Kim
  1. Innocent Lilies 2
  2. Ballerino
  3. Immutable Law of First Love
  4. Kill Me, Heal Me
  5. Mysterious Summer
  6. Puck!
  7. Riders: Catch Tomorrow
  8. Switch Girl!!
  9. Eating Existance
  10. Bunny Drop
  11. The Boys Who Cried Wolf
  12. Descendants of the Sun
  13. Deskmate
  14. SORI: Voice from the Heart
  15. Cupid Factory
  16. Tong: Memories
  17. Traces of the Hand
  18. Solomon's Perjury
  19. As One
  20. Girl's War
  1. Master's Sun


Future Projects
Arabic subber but no license Arabic moderator but no license Interested in but no license Considering/Interested in Arabic subs that need to be Re-checked
  1. Entourage
  1. Scarlet Heart: Goryeo
  1. Painter of the Wind
  2. 200 Pounds Beauty
  3. Glove
  4. Temptation of Wife
  1. Boys Before Flowers *Waiting for the English team to start*
  2. You're Beautiful *Waiting for the English team to start*
  3. Innocent Lilies 2 *Re-checked Ep.1-2 on October, 2016*


Stalled Projects
  1. All About My Mom *Inactive team (Not mod)*
  2. Emergency Couple *Inactive team (Not mod)*
  3. Gogh, The Starry Night *Inactive team (Not mod)*


Dropped Projects
  1. Running Man *Other langauges can't trasnlate anymore*