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  • Reviews - She Was Pretty


    Original story, witch is a big +, it is a very cute romantic drama! I really loved that this story wasn't about being pretty or looking good in any way at all, but only about having feelings for a person and that persons personality(: I was I little bit disappointed how the end turned out..could defiantly have been a better ending to the story!! But loved the drama overall, tysm for making this drama possible and also mty eng subbers❤

  • clarakorgaard_838


    A very exciting drama for the first time in a long time!! There is always surprising and exciting scenes, a hint of a lil bit bromance-hopefully there will be more in the feature, since I think it gives a little extra to the drama and for the fangirls like me lol. And the story it self is just very original and cute n' then at the same time very thrilling!! really love the idea of a little cute girl being non humanly strong! can just not get enough of this series! Love love love it! Looking forward for the upcoming eps with eng sub on!❤❤👌🏻

  • Reviews - Prince's Prince


    This series is a very funny and cute romantic love story, but there is a little too less flirty momens and love scenes, would like to see them show their love for etch other a lot more :D love it! tho this is still one of my fav series on Viki! pleased to see a bit more BL love stories here on Viki !! <3 and would so love to see a season 2.


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