Some net directories won't supply a large amount of traffic it is still important to have your website listed in as much as possible. It can help develop your web presence, assists with your sites pr and link popularity. Linkemperor includes more about the meaning behind it.

When seeking directories to submit your website to, the following are good places to start:

(1) Search engines like google, just do a Google/Yahoo/M...

A web service is like an online phone book. It has entries of the web sites organized by class.

While most web websites dont provide a large amount of traffic it's still important to have your website listed in as many as possible. It helps build your online pres-ence, assists together with your sites link popularity and page ranking.

When searching for websites to submit your site to, listed below are good places to start:

(1) Search engine listings, only do a Google/Yahoo/MSN search for web directory

(2)., and all offer quality service listings

(3) In boards.

Their creation will be announced by new directories in some of the larger boards. You are able to get free one-way results from new websites which will later on charge for inclusion.

Having selected a list of directories, its worth examining a couple of facts before listing your link:

(1) Check always The Page Rank of the site.

The larger the better. Site with larger site rates tend to get listed more quickly and are more authorative. As a general rule dont add your link to a site without page ranking.

(2) Always check the Meta Tags.

Click View > Page Source on your browser, on the site where your link is going to be published. Nofollow dont go there, your link wont be found and your link wont be measured, If the programs meta labels seem like - Meta name=robots content=noindex.

(3) Check a few links

Again on the site where your link is likely to be published click View > Page Source on your browser. Go through the code of a few links. You link will not be measured by the search engines if you see an anchor tag with rel=nofollow.

(4) Ensure the links are strong

Run you mouse over a number of links. To read additional info, you are able to check out: company website. When the status bar doesnt show the prospective URL and identifies still another link within the directory your listing will be wasted. Also consider the signal for a few links to make sure that the link does point right to your web-page.

And finally listed here are a few directions for distributing your link:

(1) Check the service distribution guidelines

If you read and follow the sites submission tips, you've a much better chance of having your submission recognized. It'll also save you time by preventing a submission that is sure to be refused.

(2) Always submit to your relevant class.

Many directory owners make an effort to run a clean, well-kept directory. Submission to such a thing but an appropriate category somewhat increases the chance of rejection.

(3) Check the page list of the page your link is going to be placed upon.

Generally speaking the higher the pr the greater for you. If there's another class with the sam-e or less links and a greater page rank, then submit your link there.

(4) Submit to your page with as few other links as possible.

While future additions might change the value, pages with fewer links may move more page-rank.

(5) Vary your point text and information. Search engines enjoy it better in this way. Also sprinkle several choice key words in your description.

(6) Make you anchor text-to function as the keywords you're concentrating on and nothing else. This increases the efficiency of the hyperlink..