Current Status: Not accepting any new projects. Freshman in high school, writer-to-be, grammar enthusiast.  

 I am neither a prominent nor an experienced writer and editor.  From my everyday priorities in school, I thought, "Only if we had magical powers could we tend to other matters than focusing on melancholy." Consequently, learning about Helen Keller's life, I explored her detailed autobiography: "The Story of My Life."  "Everything had a name, and each name gave birth to a new thought.  As we returned to the house every object which I touched seemed to quiver with life.  That was because I saw everything with the strange new sight that had come to me."  Keller, from there on out, lead an enthusiastic plethora of new ideas, and my conquest began.  In the pursuit of my sight, literature appeared as the light.  Momentarily, my favorite hobbies include devouring books and writing succinctly.  Moreover, I contribute on Viki but spend my days cooped up in my home, as expected from an introverted nerd, bibliophile, and writer-to-be.  Noh Hee Kyung, whom I admire exceedingly, is my go-to author, with my head glued to all of her down-to-earth essays and dramas.  On a personal note, I am a native Cantonese speaker whose Mandarin is lacking but improving every day, writing in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. In school, I am taking Spanish and Latin to divert my attention toward a scholarly education.  

Contributions on Viki

Finished Projects 

1.  Behind the White Tower—English Transcriber (20-episode Korean drama)

2.  Viki ID—General Editor (7-episode English series)

3.  Liah YooManager, English Moderator, Editor in Chief, Page Designer  (5-episode Korean-English beauty and lifestyle show)

4.  Viki Platinum Challenge Powered by the 2017 Toyota RAV4—Editor in Chief  (3-episode English series)

5.  Sunflowers in Full BloomChannel Manager, Editor in Chief, General Editor, Page Designer, English Moderator  (90-minute Chinese movie)

6.  Whitneybae—General Editor, English Moderator (Korean-English lifestyle show)

7. What's With Money?English Moderator (20-episode Korean web drama)

8. I Am Reiko Shiratori! The Movie - Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu! The Movie— General Editor (120-minute Japanese movie)

9.  Ruler of Your Own World—General Editor, Cover Page Designer, English Transcriber Korean drama (20-episode Korean drama)

Continuous Projects Please note this list is updated every day.  

1.  The Fatal Mission—General Editor (31/43 — Chinese drama)

2.  Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jeong Geum—English Transcriber (49/52 — Korean drama)

3.  H.I.T.—English Moderator, English Transcriber (9/20 — Korean drama)

4.  Pink Lipstick—General Editor (21/149 — Korean drama)

5.  The Diamond's DreamGeneral Editor (36/55 — Chinese drama)

6.  Square PegsEnglish Subtitler (11/20 —Cantonese drama)

7. Upcoming—General Editor (Episode 74 — Japanese reality show)

8. You Are the ChefEnglish Subtitler (55/203 — Chinese reality show)