Hello and welcome to my page. I am a long time Viki user and a new volunteer. I am very enthusiastic Korean-English translator and am very dedicated to the work that I commit myself to. I have learned Korean from my parents and the many Korean dramas I have been exposed to in the past. If you ever need a Korean-English Subber, Editor, or English Moderator for your channel, please feel free to PM me! I promise that Iwon't bite!

***Please note that if I have multiple dramas to sub a day, I basically go to the first one I get a notification from saying that subbing is ready, then go chronologically. I am only one person and I hope you understand. I feel like this is fair. But there are so many awesome team members that I am not necessarily needed right away smiley***



Current Full-Time Occupancy: Summer break. Freshman University Student in September 2017


Schedule for the week looks a bit like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday Saturday Sunday

Bride of the Water God

School 2017

The King Loves


Bride of the Water God


School 2017

The King Loves



















Father is Strange

Sister is Alive


Father is Strange





        Walk In Clinic Part Time Volunteering at Hospital  
So yes I am  a bit busy outside of  Viki too!


Ninja Segging Academy! 

Sandbox Graduate: April 18th, 2017

All Time Favourite Drama: GOBLIN                


.......(A bit too obsessed to be completely honest) laugh                                                                                    ​  

Favourite Medical Dramas (Excluding Grey's Anatomy):                                                                                                                                                Romantic Doctor Master Kim                                              Doctor Stranger                                                            Good Doctor


The one Drama I must include (last one promise ;))

                        I Hear Your Voice


Current Projects:

               Secretly Greatly                              


            English Subber                                                                                                                                                                                               

Sister is Alive: Channel Manager

Margarita: Channel Manager

Father is Strange: English Subtitler

Bride of the Water God: English Moderator

School 2017: English Subber

Side Projects: 

Firework: Translation Editor

New Heart: Translation Editor

Medical Brothers: Translation Editor

Special Investigation Team: Translation Editor

     Coming Soon: 

While You Were Sleeping: English Subtitler 

Man to Man: English Subber

Not licensed:

Radiant Office: English Subtitler

Three Color fantasy-Queen of the Ring: English Subtitler

Falsify: Channel Manager

Into the New World: English Moderator

Past Projects:

Romantic Doctor Master Kim         Love Forecast             Bing Goo              Tomorrow With You:                 Chief Kim:     

      English Subtitler                    Translation Editor          Translation Editor             English Subber                     English Subber       

Traces of the Hand: English Subber

Voice: English Subber/moderator 

Fortuneteller's Secret: English Subber

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: English Subtitler

Our Gap Soon: English Subber

Perfect Wife: English Subber/Translation Editor

Girl's War: English Subber

Mystery Queen: English Subber

Chicago Typewriter: English Subber

Viki ID: Channel Manager

Whisper: English Subber

Bring It On Ghost: English Subber

Fight My Way: English Moderator

Suspicious Partner: English Moderator 

Drinking Solo: English Subtitler

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