NOTE: IF I DO NOT REPLY TO MESSAGES, PLEASE SEND THEM AGAIN IN 2 WEEKS. I do get many messages and my inbox is just flooded and I have such little time to reply to them all. I'm sorry for the inconvienence to all!

NOTE #2: I am currently in my first year of university and still trying to adjust to the workload, I apologize if I am absent, please please please understand that I am trying my best to adjust my time better with such a heavy courseload. Many love and thanks. 

Hello and welcome to my page. I am a long time Viki user and a relatively experienced voluneer. I am very enthusiastic Korean-English translator and am very dedicated to the work that I commit myself to. I have learned Korean from my parents and the many Korean dramas I have been exposed to in the past. If you ever need a Korean-English Subber, Editor, or English Moderator for your channel, please feel free to PM me! I promise that Iwon't bite!

***Please note that if I have multiple dramas to sub a day, I basically go to the first one I get a notification from saying that subbing is ready, then go chronologically. I am only one person and I hope you understand. I feel like this is fair. But there are so many awesome team members that I am not necessarily needed right away smiley***



Current Full-Time Occupancy: 1st year Biomedical Science student


Schedule for the week looks a bit like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday Saturday Sunday



























So yes I am  a bit busy outside of  Viki too!


Ninja Segging Academy! 

Sandbox Graduate: April 18th, 2017

All Time Favourite Drama: GOBLIN                


.......(A bit too obsessed to be completely honest) laugh                                                                                    ​  

Favourite Medical Dramas (Excluding Grey's Anatomy):                                                                                                                                                Romantic Doctor Master Kim                                              Doctor Stranger                                                            Good Doctor


The one Drama I must include (last one promise ;))

                        I Hear Your Voice


Current Projects:

Margarita: Channel Manager

While You Were Sleeping: English Subtitler 

Side Projects: 

Firework: Translation Editor

Medical Brothers: Translation Editor

Special Investigation Team: Translation Editor

     Coming Soon: 


Not licensed:

Radiant Office: English Subtitler

Three Color fantasy-Queen of the Ring: English Subtitler

Falsify: Channel Manager

Past Projects:

Romantic Doctor Master Kim         Love Forecast             Bing Goo              Tomorrow With You:                 Chief Kim:     

      English Subtitler                    Translation Editor          Translation Editor             English Subber                     English Subber       

Traces of the Hand: English Subber

Voice: English Subber/moderator 

Fortuneteller's Secret: English Subber

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: English Subtitler

Our Gap Soon: English Subber

Perfect Wife: English Subber/Translation Editor

Girl's War: English Subber

Mystery Queen: English Subber

Chicago Typewriter: English Subber

Viki ID: Channel Manager

Whisper: English Subber

Bring It On Ghost: English Subber

Fight My Way: English Moderator

Suspicious Partner: English Moderator 

Drinking Solo: English Subtitler

Father is Strange: English Subtitler

Bride of the Water God: English Moderator

School 2017: English Subber

Secretly Greatly: English Subber

New Heart: Translation Editor

Man to Man: English Subber

Sister is Alive: Channel Manager

Into the New World: English Moderator

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