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  • cupofblackcoffee


    I have high hopes for this drama since I see a lot of space for character development, especially when it comes to main cast. While watching first two episodes some people were complaining about main actress, Ha Yeon-Soo, saying that she's bad at her job which I don't think it's fair to her. To bash her just because she is portraying the love interest of a character that is played by the Idol is 100% stupid and childish .. She is trying to portrait a certain type of character that has a dose of innocence and shyness and I personally think that she has a face type and a special charm to her that is helping her to do her job very good so far. As the rest of the cast goes I must say that I was bit skeptical towards the main actor, Kim Joon-Myun, since most of his past played characters were not as charismatic as Lee Yoo-Chan but he is doing super good job so far and I cant wait to see what he has in the store for us when it comes to this character . Rest of the cast is more or less familiar to me, Kim Ye-Won is experienced actress that was casted in many dramas and I think that she'll bring a special charm to the show as the plot unfolds. To me this drama already has elements of typical rich-poor, old family secrets,love story K-drama and if u are into those type of stories this is your summer, i'll allow myself to say, must watch. (p.s- please stop smothering the subbing team to post subs. VIKI had some issues and bug in past days and was making life of us subbers in general difficult so have some patience. No one likes to do things when people are forcing them to do it...especially if they are doing it for free.)