Hi there! 

this is Chiara (kee'ara, 키아라 ) from Italy.
I fell head over heels for k-drama back in January, 2014, and I can't (and won't) see the end of the tunnel... in fact, I am considering adding some curtains and cushions and start living here.

I LOVE Viki since it allows me to *legally* follow wonderful dramas, and also allows me to share my passion with friends who do not speak anything but Italian.

I speak English (very well, I translate into/from English everyday, both for work and for Star Trek Italian Magazine and other hobbies), some French, Spanish, and I am studying Korean since October, 2014. 

I am an enthusiastic subber, moderator and editor here on Viki, and I love it!

My favorite Korean Artist is Jang Keun Suk and, besides his works, I absolutely adored "my love from the star" and I loved "Scholar who walks the night".

Give me funny dramas, sci-fi based dramas, and I will be a happy puppy.